Can you get fit in 15 minutes?

HIIT workout
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Hate working out and specially hate the gym? Then you are not alone.

Why waste time on lengthy 1 hour exercise when you can do that in 15 mins? Yes with HIIT you can! HIIT is high intensity interval training where you will have to do one fast pace exercise for about 30-40 sec and take 10s rest in between the exercise and repeat the whole sequence.

Its very time consuming and you get the same experience and benefits as compared to 1 hour workout. Think of the time you will save to prepare your bag to go to gym! Also you can save your money as this exercise can be done at your comfort in home.

If you are willing to sweat it out, all you need is just 15 minutes to get into shape and increase your fitness level. Not kidding! It’s actually quite simple; you workout for one minute with vigorous activity and push your heart rate to about 90 per cent of its maximum rate.

If you are super motivated, you can setup gym in your home and it will save you tons of time. Otherwise, there’s plenty of tools available online as well.

Here’s a great workout video to get you started!


Do you prefer lengthy or short workouts? Tell me I am curious.