How to tame high BP

A lot of people today, even the young, are experiencing high blood pressure. There are multiple reasons associated to it, some of them being stress, a weak heart or indulging in unhealthy foods.
Mans BP or blood pressure is affected by the resistance in the blood vessels, peripheral ones to be more exact. These vessels are located outside the heart. The higher the resistance the higher ones BP.
Let’s discuss a couple of solutions to taming your high blood pressure.

1. Indulge in mental and physical exercise- One needs to engage in brisk walking, jogging, yoga or Pilates. Such exercises help reduce the resistance in your vessels via hormonal and structural adaptations. Meditating can help you reduce stress, another major factor that gets your BP shooting through the roof.
Doctors recommend such patients to stay active for at least 30 minutes every day instead of always consuming prescribed drugs.

– Train with weights, either light ones o r heavy ones. This depends on how much weight you can endure. Don’t go ballistic with dumbbells or kettle balls as long as you are participating in a healthy lifestyle.
– Get enough rest. Sleep, close your eyes or simply lay on your bed and relax. Don’t go overboard with work or problems at work/home or at school.
– Listen to your body. Your body tells you when it can handle work and when it can’t or when it needs rest. Listen to it. Don’t force yourself to limits or extends you can’t handle.

2. Eat a healthy diet. Oil, sugar and salt are three ingredients you should be avoiding too. These elements are steroids for high BP.

3. Monitor Blood pressure. It is very important to monitor the blood pressure after activities. For e.g after a walk, sleep, food. It may not be necessary to do it every day but it would be wise to monitor after a gap of few days. Blood pressure monitors may come as cheap as Rs 500 (MCP Aneroid pneumatic monitor) and as high as Rs 37,000 or more (A&D UM-211 Auscultatory Blood Pressure Monitor)

If you want to keep your blood pressure within a customary range, you have to keep your body active mentally and physically. Don’t expect to see results instantly though- it will take you at least a month or two to start seeing results. Your diet is also very crucial- eat greens and boiled foods instead of fried snacks or courses.

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