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    Dashavatars – Hidden Messages for Man Kind

    1.Matsya Avatar – ( Incarnation as Fish) During the recreation process when the complete world is submerged under water , Lord Vishnu comes in form of a huge Fish and save few beings in a huge ship so that they can become sources for creation afresh again. Hidden Message: When we are at our best  […] More

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    Thripurari – What to learn from Lord Shiva Avatar as Thripuraanthaka

    You can read about the story of Tripurasura in below Link What to learn from story of tripurasur How to kill tripurasuras who are present human body . When tripurasur requested boon from Lord Brahma dev that they should be killed by only one arrow when 3 forts of golden, silver and bronze are […] More

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    The “A” of Indians’ inferiority complex

      My name starts with “A” and hence it is obvious that I like this alphabet.  But looking at things how we Indians present ourselves, our culture and our tradition using this alphabet, this A is reflecting our inferiority complex. Although it might sound strange or rude, this is one of the alphabets which we should not be using […] More

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    Who we are?

    We boast ourselves saying we are the most intelligent creatures ever found ever by us. Our own immense intellectual power questioning everything surely makes a lot of difference than other species found till now. Our own curiosity made us explore different lands, find new ways to communicate right from sign language to thousands of languages […] More

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    How Good Is The Moral Policing?

    The FREE-WILL echoes it aloud . Its we who are gonna draw the final frontiers for ourselves not the moral guardians. We are living in the free society of 21st century then how come some people try to envelope our life-styles on their terms. Change , as they say , is the only thing constant. […] More

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    Pros and Cons of Spiritual Gurus

    PROS A story goes that a few blind men encountered an elephant. Each one of them described it in different ways. The one who touched his tail considered him as a rope & the other who touched his legs thought of him as a pillar & so did others expressed their view. What did each […] More

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    The world’s most dangerous religion

    A few days back, a friend of mine, whom I call SG shared a video with me. The YouTube video was regarding the “blind faith” followed by a particular religion. The protagonist of the video was seen travelling to different parts of the world and questioning religious leaders and followers about why they follow this […] More

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    Did Lord Ram Exist?

    There are video documentary and proofs that show that Lord Ram exist. You would like to read some eye opening revelation 100% Proof of Ram Setu.     FreshticlesTeam Freshticles – Fresh Articles, Refreshing Reads. More