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Who we are?

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We boast ourselves saying we are the most intelligent creatures ever found ever by us. Our own immense intellectual power questioning everything surely makes a lot of difference than other species found till now.

Our own curiosity made us explore different lands, find new ways to communicate right from sign language to thousands of languages we have now, later these languages were to expressed for a wider and long time so we managed the need and furnished them into scripts, now the sole intellectual powers and curiosity lets you read this and even lets me write it.

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Our curiosity only has a single limit, extended to infinity this curiosity forced us to ask questions like “where we came from?” many relevant answers were put forward but my dear Darwin has a better theory:”Darwin’s Theory of Evolution” for this. Apart from these theories the basis of human evolution the parallel searches were how this earth came in existence, which stretched to question the birth of our always ever bright full filler of our most needs The Sun. These stretched on and on to the birth of universe.

The most relevant theory we have is Big Bang Theory for this, which says all came from the immensely dense and hot and infinitesimally small thing called singularity.  But, how we get the answer from this about our search knowing who we are? is a question. But, we all are simply a cluster of uncountable atoms bonded neatly in good shapes to form a proper figure, which we call “human body”. This human body works on in taking some pieces of matter which we call is “food”. This in turn is burned and made into energy driving us. We the atom cluster, eating many other atoms and burn them and live on for years on this large concentration of matter having gravity of its own to support us on it which is called “Earth”.

Then after years of existing with consciousness and in mostly the same shape for most years, the human body stops working, it loses the consciousness, then it’s the time of ours to return the remaining of the atoms and molecules which were even left after our years of releasing them and energy out through various processes in these years of existence.

The remaining are duly returned back to universe, by various processes from which we select one, this selection either depends on fate or belief or religious backgrounds.

We are just made up of atoms and molecules which once fused inside the stars and even before that lived inside singularity 13.8 billion years ago.

This is what we are, a super blend of consciousness, curiosity, intelligence and many other emotions put in a perfect structure of human body, which automatically attracts other such structures, leave the mutual attractions we all matter exert on other matters, but this bond and attraction keeps us living in families, nations, and in single place on this planet earth.

Go ahead questioning, this is what will keep us alive.

“Would it really?” That question I leave for you all.

What do you think?

Written by Aravind.Naidu

Writer, social activist, Co Founder & Vice President at Jaagar Foundation (NGO).
Loves to observe the world around him, and write about it to create a change.


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