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Biometric Attendance Machine – A Security Controller Device

biometric attendance machine
biometric attendance machine

Biometric Attendance Machine – A Security Controller Device

The word Biometric is derived from a Greek word Bio- which means life and the word metric which means to measure. We all are aware of the development of technology and with the development of technology, there is a need to develop security processes. Fingerprints, Facial scans, etc. have been various recognition processes developed with the Time. But the most commonly used method of securities these days are biometric devices. The biometric attendance machine devices are almost used everywhere and they are a unique device that is extremely associated with our body. Since the biometric attendance system device is associated with our body it is extremely difficult if not impossible to fake.

How does a biometric time and attendance systems work?

A biometric sensor is a transducer that changes the biometric treat of a person into an electrical signal which then recognizes the identity of a person.

The biometric device is a security device used in various areas like works places, Immigrations, Handheld or personal devices, etc. use to identify the physical and behavioral characteristics of a person. The biometric device can be of various kind. It can be the once with Fingerprint, Face recognition, Voice recognition, Access cards, etc. A biometric machine is used to scan an individual’s fingerprints or used to record the voice or to capture the face image of a person. These images are then saved in the device memory and are set up to use for access and authorization purposes.

A person when trying to access a machine or to enter premises of an area has to undergo the biometric process which will on recognitions of the individual grant him/her the required access or authorization.

The various types of Biometrics sensors and their workings are explained in brief:

  • Finger Print

A fingerprint sensor includes taking the Fingerprint image of an individual and record its features. Then the device sends the ultrasounds through the transmitter which captures the signals around the finger and scans the finger. As it is said that the fingerprint of a person never changes from his birth till death, a fingerprint sensor is one of the most safes ways to recognize the identity of a person.


  • Face Recognition


A face recognition system is done through a biometric computer application that can identify the image of a person by comparing and analyzing the various patterns saved into its memory. The biometric systems are majorly used in security systems where there is a need to check the entry or exit of a person on day to day basis.

  • Voice Recognition

Voice recognition technology can be used by recording the voice pattern of a person by using various speech technology processes. The important properties used for speech authentication are nasal tone, fundamental frequency, inflection, etc. the voice of a person can be recorded and later on be used for authentications purpose or security check.

  • Access Cards


The access cards are one of the most popular biometric processes which are widely used in various offices. In this process, the authorized individuals are granted an access card which has a sensor chip installed into it which lets the authorized person enter and exit from premises in which he/she is authorized to enter and exit. This is one of the widely used methods of access across India and across the world where the offices provide the access cards to its employees and its visitors to prevent unauthorized access into the office premises to maintain the high level of security.

The uses of Biometric Sensors


The biometric sensors in ancient times were used in huge offices, but due to technological advancement, these biometric sensors are used in vide areas for security purposes. The biometric sensors are even used in our mobile phones to unlock the phone. The phones have various types of biometric scanners installed into a particular device, like the face detectors, the fingerprint recognition, pattern locks, etc. all these allows an individual to maintain its privacy and security of one’s data. The biometric in offices also have various uses, like: the biometric attendance system is a device that is used to track the attendance log in wide organizations. It also helps to track the work hours of an employee. Whereas the access cards ensure that only the authorized person enters the premises and helps to maintain security in the workplace area.



Thus the biometric system can be used to maintain security and to control the access and authorizations of sensitive information and areas. The biometric attendance System is very complicated to hack and makes it a safer way from the traditional securities measures of passwords and pin codes that are easily accessible. The traditional methods are easy to hack as compared to modern methods. The biometric attendance machine in Delhi has increased due to the use of a modern biometric security system.

Therefore get out of the traditional and dangerous security methods and use modern methods to like biometrics to enhance the security of things around you.

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