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Indoor Plants – Air Purifiers

Indoor Plants – Air Purifiers

Have you ever given a thought – there is something common between your workplace your apartment and the coffee shop right down the lane few miles away from your home? Why do you think most of us start sneezing the minute we step out of our cars onto roads? Or as soon as we unlock our flat in the evening, back from office?

The reason is the air we breathe is fully toxic and so impure. Air Pollution might be a common term to get away with these excuses. But then is there any way to stay away from this polluted air and breathe some fresh peaceful air sitting in our own house, at least for few hours – The answer is YES.

Gone are the good old days wherein people invested in buying land then spending hefty amount on building their own house with a beautiful garden space around.

We live in a digital era full of android phone around, we want everything quick and in fast pace. Nowadays, our dream of buying a house drills down to a modern 2 BHK apartment luckily with a balcony in it.

Does this crash down my dream of growing a garden? No way.

There is beautiful alternative – to set up indoor plants and watch them grow is a pure bliss. These tiny munchkins not only decorate our house, they boost our morale with all their diversified looks and texture, they provide a peaceful ambience and most important they purify the air for us.

So what are we waiting for, let’s brighten our homes with in-house plants (air-purifiers). Listed below are few options to help readers get an opinion:

Caution: With babies or pets around we need to be extra cautious in selecting indoor plants. Please research thoroughly and then proceed with your choice.

Golden pothos: These can survive with sufficient lighting conditions, placing them in low light may diminish the leaves. Do cut them down when the leaves get long. They have a shallow root system hence we need to check the soil if dry then water them, so they retain fresh and healthy looks. This plant is commonly known as Devil’s Ivy.

Aloe (Aloe vera): This plant has long leaves associated with medicinal properties. These work great in sunny indoor spaces.  It is very easy to grow as these leaves love the sun they make a good place even in the balcony full of sunlight. It clears the air from toxins like formaldehyde and benzene. The gel inside the aloe leaf acts as a gentle moisturizer as well. It prefers dry soil so avoid frequent moistening of soil and water it only if required.

English Ivy: This is a super cool plant; it is very easy to start a new plant by cutting a stem section therefore it also serves to be a best gift for indoor plant lovers. In two or three weeks the stem picks up and spread quickly. They are also climbers and classified as Wood vines. Since they climb quickly they can also be outdoor plants – a good choice for people who enjoy their own garden. These plants love bright light and moist soil – but avoid direct sunlight.

Dracaena (Lucky Bamboo): This plant is an ancient choice for indoor decors. It loves dim light and can grow both in moist/dry soil. Once the leaves grow tall or turn yellow they need to be chopped so the plant retains its appearance. It sits beautifully in a living room or guest room preferably not under the direct light. The meaning of lucky bamboo is tied to how many stalks or stems are present. For example: In Chinese tradition they say growing two stalks represent love. Give a try   J )

Snake plant: This plant produces nighttime oxygen and thereby purifies air from impurities and helps breathe fresh air in night. It works well even when placed under window light (not under direct sun), these have variegated leaves which grow straight and upright.  Few of them even turn edges to yellow.  These plants make a cute indoor décor. They love free draining soil which doesn’t need much water.

It is now or never –  Let us give a thought to these indoor plants to breathe some fresh air while at home.

Say goodbye to sneezing coughing inside our house due to the polluted air around – Time to strip off the toxins and rejuvenate!!

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