Story of The Whatzzup Group of Companies

This is the story of The Whatzzup Group of Companies and it’s Founder and CEO, Ayush Pathak – Recently awarded the youngest entrepreneur by Stats and Awards( 



Ayush Pathak started at the age of 12 as “CEO” of Excel-based software company. It soon changed into a Social Networking site and then a Software Company making apps.

The Software company made android apps and made it available to the public for free. The company soon developed 11 BETA apps and they are still available on the internet. Ayush Pathak then got his old classmate Vaasu Mittal, who got inspired from Ayush and started his own company. Whatzzup gave him an offer to join as the Managing Director and he readily accepted it. His company, Geonim was merged with Whatzzup. Whatzzup kept working hard and Ayush and Vaasu soon hired 14 more people from India and Singapore. By this time, they had operational offices in Varanasi and Dehradun and had other offices in USA, China, Japan, Germany, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, UK and Haryana in India. 


After some time, Vaasu and Ayush started partnering with companies around the world and Ayush started a FinTech company, An advertising company, a Jwellery Company, a Gaming company and a Social networking company and they appointed heads for each company. It was then changed to The Whatzzup Group of Companies. Today, it has a valuation of more than $80,000.


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