Struggling to survive,
Working day and night in our own beehive.
Erasing, to forget an enjoyable way on account of parents, now it’s our turn, choice and solidity to drive,
Let’s go! the real race is live.
Stay obsessive and alive!

Keeping an elan eye everywhere,
Considering even room mates as thieves here.
Physically you are going to washroom but mentally your mind is still there,
At night too, caring luggages as well as their keys as a slack watchman but can’t spare.
Performing everything with an investigation but care.

Trying to stay motivated with motivational life facts,
Success is when your inimitable thoughts become facts and those stunning facts have a life changing influence over someone’s life.
As quoted in the book Pedagogical Thoughts Made Facts.

It’s our mindset and opinion, you know,
Learning to wake up early and initiating first because you are lazy and slow.
Or removing your characteristic of being slow.
Or being negligent and not doing anything because you are so slow.
But still, thwack is required in life to make you learn, how to wake up and really grow.

Comparing our lives with those brave soldiers, our backbone,
Surviving far away from our home.
Phase of home sickness, being alone,
Family worried and missing us and vice-versa, bearing symptom of this syndrome.
We, especially the boys, trying to look brave and emotionless than we are, existing and feeling alone.

At home, commanding cooks to get perfect flavour and taste,
Learning here to respect and digest nutritional food to wake up the next day, proving flavour’s lust was just waste.

To lose, things are many,
But to gain, things are hardly any.
Still sacrificing to achieve something as our dreams are not only high but many.
Keeping in mind, neither to waste time nor a single penny.

– Sahaj Sabharwal
Jammu city, Jammu and Kashmir, India

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Written by Sahaj  Sabharwal

Sahaj Sabharwal, a young writer and an author was born on 17th March, 2002. He lives in Jammu city, Jammu and Kashmir, India. He has completed his schooling from Delhi Public School Jammu as a Non-Medical student. Now he is a student of Aeronautical Engineering. His hobbies includes writing thoughts, listening to music, discovering new things, exploring the world, writing and singing rap songs to mention but a few. He has been awarded many awards in poetry writing at State level, National level and International level. He mostly writes motivational thoughts and on topics related to social issues for spreading awareness among the people. His writings are regularly published in many newspapers, magazines, websites, anthologies and other media platforms.
According to him,
" Be You
No need to update your view
On society's new view "
His aim in life is to invent/discover something new as a Scientist or Researcher. He wants to do something new, which is done by a few. He is an inspiration of his own. He is a successful author of the BOOK -: "Poems By Sahaj Sabharwal "


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