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Take Full Control of Your Business with Intellicus BI

Take Full Control of Your Business with Intellicus BI

As your business grows, you continue to accumulate more data. There are insights in this data that could be of great value, and that’s where Business Intelligence can help. A Business Intelligence (BI) platform helps you to analyze, visualize, and interpret what your data is telling you. These insights generated by business intelligence tools and platforms help business in informed decision-making.

Benefits that BI delivers to growing organizations

As businesses expand, they need focused insights on each region, product, and team. A BI platform can connect to multiple applications being used in an enterprise and generate centralized reports and dashboards. This can help a business in many ways.

  1. Informed Decision-making

With the vast amount of data that businesses are generating and capturing today, digging out actionable information can be tough. The scientific process of digging out crucial information is possible with the help of business intelligence platforms. BI platforms help to collate, transform, and analyze structured as well as unstructured data so as businesses can derive meaningful information and use this knowledge to make informed business decisions.

  1. Look Up and Look Ahead

Staying informed and being able to innovate are the keys to business success, growth, and longevity. A powerful BI platform can help you look ahead in time to see trends and patterns in your data today, that can help to predict the direction you need to take in future. These predictions and insights help your business to prevent risks and scientifically select pathways that lead to higher profitability and growth.

  1. Improve Your Customer Experience

A quality business intelligence system helps you in analyzing every action of the customer and derive actionable information out of it. That can help you identify customer “pain points” that need addressing. Using these insights can help you be more proactive in creating a customer experience that better resonates with your target audience.

  1. Better Return on Investment (ROI)

Taking advantage of the insights you derive with business intelligence is a sure way to improve business propositions in many ways. Whether it is your sales, internal team, production, maintenance, or revenue management, you can optimize all processes with the help of a BI platform and improve ROI for each.  

      Take a Step Ahead of the Competition with Intellicus BI

Today, when data and information powers everything, you need a powerful platform which incorporates data science, machine learning, real-time data analytics, and what-if analytics to help you find a clear path to actionable insights. Let Intellicus BI show you the way to greater success through its business intelligence platform:

  • Real-Time Analytics – Intellicus lets you analyze your data in real time, with no lag. Track your operations and transactions as they happen. Deriving insights from various live data sources can enhance your decision-making.
  • Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics – With integrated data science environments in Intellicus, you can efficiently perform machine learning based analytics on your data to identify loosely correlated patterns that can then provide you a deeper understanding of your business. With predictive analytics, you can get predictions and futuristic insights for your business.
  • ETL Capabilities – Intellicus is well versed to extract data from diverse sources, transforming it by cleansing unnecessary data and joining any necessary data for reporting and analysis.
  • Office Suite Integration – You can open the Intellicus BI reports in any office productivity tool in their native formats.
  • Powerful OLAP – Intellicus BI offers built-in OLAP engine that helps to pre-aggregate vast amounts of data for faster data analytics. You can drill down into your data for analyzing deeper data insights, enabling you to discover intelligence for better planning.
  • Custom Tailorable Dashboards – Intellicus provides you customizable dashboards. You can personalize these insights and report as per the need of every role. You can also derive the performance insights to identify the growth areas through the intuitive graphical representation of the disparate data.
  • Easy Ad-Hoc Reporting – Our report builder lets you drag-and-drop items to generate reports. Also, you can share relevant visualizations, reports, and insights with stakeholders!
  • Embedded BI and Cloud BI, Too! – With the help of our Embedded BI You can embed Intellicus into your business apps and products too. You can add custom branding and signatures if you wish. Intellicus also possesses full cloud hosting capabilities. No need to manage your data servers or maintain expensive hosting equipment onsite.
  • The Best Training & Support Team – Remember earlier when we said that customer experience and customer service are critical for business success? That point isn’t lost on us at Intellicus, either. Our team of friendly experts can get you off and run with our premier business intelligence platform in a flash! We offer complete training and certification services, and we also provide ongoing consultation and support. Whenever you may need us down the road, our Support Champs will be there for you!

These are just some of the reasons that more than 60% of Fortune 500 companies choose to partner with Intellicus for BI solutions. We’d be happy to help you meet your business intelligence needs, too!  Don’t wait; reach out to us at Intellicus today!


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