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Best startup secrets no one will tell you

Best startup secrets no one will tell you

Many people wish to have their own startup, but it always seems like a distant dream. One of the main reasons is not knowing how to go about it. Every entrepreneur has a different story which makes it tougher for aspirants. However, there are some startup secrets that no one will tell you. We give you an insight into some of the best startup secrets. These will work like a guideline that you can blend with your stepping stones.

  1. Know your resources

Before you give your startup all that you can afford, try to look for resources. Let your capital be an amount that you can put in into the business, but also look for opportunities that don’t make you spend it all. For example, the internet has various resources, information, tools, and so on, to help you build a strong base. It helps you connect with people who you might want to reach out to for suggestions or help, it builds a market for you, it can also help you get crowd funding, and so on.

  1. Be realistic

It is not easy to foresee what you can yield from a startup initially. However, we do need an estimate and work towards the target. One common mistake people make during the planning of a business is under-estimating expenses and over-estimating revenues. You can only improve revenue when you drop down to a realistic market picture. Start by identifying customers and find ways to market your services effectively. Once you grab more attention, you can expand your estimates.

  1. Have cash flows

The first year of a startup requires constant cash flow. It is a quite crisis issue for people who don’t calculate their initial investments. You need an overall projection for profits and losses, you need to know your break-even point, and how you want to reach there. You must find out the financial ratios that work for your industry to know your chances to prosper too. For example, if you have a grocery store that makes a one-half perfect profit for every product, and you keep an estimate of five percent, it will not change for you.

  1. Marketing is important

As soon as you know your goals, you need to go for a market analysis. You need to understand who your target customers are and what do they prefer. It helps you understand the market scenario and build your marketing strategy. Once you have this prepared you can start advertising, promoting, networking, PR, provide customer service, and more. Marketing tools are essential as that’s the way you reach out to people.

  1. Know your customers

One thing that smart entrepreneurs do is to understand target audiences. When you have a product or service to offer, you need to think as the customer yourself. Why do you need the product? What does it do for you? How is it better from the competitive options? Why should you buy it? When you keep yourself in the same boots as your customers, you will know if you’re on the right track.

  1. Sell uniqueness

It is true that having a new brand of instant noodles or a brand of clothing is not something unique. However, if your noodle brand caters to flavors that no other brand supplies in the country or you specialize in handmade clothing material, you are selling something unique.

Coming up with an absolutely new product that no one has ever used before can take your business into another dimension. However, you need to spend a lot on marketing to explain what you do. Entrepreneurs need to understand how their products or services are different from the rest. That’s the only way they can shoot for the best!

  1. Get financial aid

Your startup must not have brakes because of low funding. You need to make sure of all your financial help before you are active at offering your services. Apart from putting in your own capital, you can try stakeholder financing, check if friends and family will invest in your vision or take help from financial institutions. Make sure you know your liabilities and how you can manage them.

  1. Always have ‘Plan B’

No, we don’t mean that your Plan B is wrapping up your business, but it is about looking for alternatives. Like we believe that every problem has a solution, entrepreneurs believe that there is more than one. Before you take your steps, make sure you are aware of what to do when things don’t go as you had planned. Being ready with Plan B always helps you come out of dire times.

  1. Be exclusive

When you have a startup plan, you need to ask yourself how to make it exclusive. Is it the unique brand name or the logo? Is it the idea that turns into a product or is it the feedback that comes from your first customer? Exclusivity simply means something that belongs to your brand name or to you, and no one else can have that. It can start from having a unique domain name to satisfying the preference of a customer. When an entrepreneur starts thinking about exclusivity, he has started catering to something that no one ever has.

  1. Be attractive

Ever thought why our eyes attract people who look good, have a good personality or know how to carry themselves well? It is simply because they stand out and that grabs attention. You need to make your brand stand out so that when people see an ad or watch the packaging of your product, it attracts their eyes. The first impression always counts, and we all know how that psychology works.

These were some of the best startup secrets that you need to keep in mind while venturing into your own. These will work for you like tips and help you know the aspects you need to attend to. Note that delivering something unique to people can be tough and might take time. However, your patience, hard work, and right decisions can make you flourish and have a successful business.

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Written by Shusree Mukherjee

I am a freelance writer and a theatre enthusiast, but I have graduated with marketing honors. I believe life is all about learning and growing, and there is no end to knowing.


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