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This USA-based health company is PAYING up to $500 to lose weight

Forget about spending money to shed those extra kilos. Imagine getting paid for losing those extra pounds?

Meet, a company based out of US and shipping its products worldwide is paying people upto $500 using their products in their weight loss journey. The company makes its products based on Ayurvedic philosophy backed by laboratory reports. 

Heart and Body Naturals, also known as HB Naturals or simply HBN, works on the direct selling model and ships their products to over 200 countries worldwide. The company has a wide range of products and a few of these are used in the weight management. To show faith in their products and also to create awareness, they have come out with Heart and Body Naturals 90 days SLIMMER challange.  

Here are the details about the program:

  • Participant in the SLIMMER challange sets HIS or HER own official start date. There are 3 submissions to be made by the participant to have the transparency. 
  • Submission 1: Day 1 form and Video
  • Submission 45: Day 45 form and Video
  • Submission 90: Day 90 form and Video
  • Create a FREE HBNaturals account and order 1 or more 30 days supply of the following products: SLIMMER, MIND, BODY, or SOUL.  
  • All the 3 sets of videos and forms need to be sent to the company officially to be the part of the contest.
  • The videos need to be taken within 2 days of each entry date and entries should reach HBN office within 7 days. The details need to sent to the with the subject link “SLIMMER CHALLANGE” 
  • Only 1 challange per person


Prizes are awarded based on the number of pounds a participant loses during the SLIMMER Challenge. The maximum prize amount that can be earned is $500.
• Lose 1-19 pounds in 90 days and earn an official SLIMMER Challenge t-shirt.
• Lose 20-29 pounds in 90 days and earn $4 per pound lost.
• Lose 30-39 pounds in 90 days and earn $6 per pound lost.
• Lose 40-49 pounds in 90 days and earn $8 per pound lost.
• Lose 50+ pounds in 90 days and earn $500.

The official forms are available in the DOCUMENT section of the account. To join the challange and get a WIN WIN situation click here


Disclaimer: This post is for the promotional purpuses. Individual results vary. There are chances that one does not get any results from the products. Please check the contents on the website before buying. Also consult your doctor if these products are good for you or not. 

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