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How Good Is The Moral Policing?

The FREE-WILL echoes it aloud . Its we who are gonna draw the final frontiers for ourselves not the moral guardians. We are living in the free society of 21st century then how come some people try to envelope our life-styles on their terms. Change , as they say , is the only thing constant. And our basic instincts are a no exception. Resistance to switch towards metamorphosis may even prove to be disastrous. May these people understand & let us fly under our own sky. Thatz the impetus of this era.

No doubt we the genX (read genY) have crossed many of the old barriers but nobody has a right to debar us from our liberty. Everybody is free under the god’s green earth. We know what is good for us and also the pros & cons of today’s society. What we need is to be a little more concious about our moral conduct. There is no essence of these moral watchdogs. It is very difficult to understand why they are so much interested in deciding a benchmark for us.

Looking at the way these so called clergymen behave, even they too need regulations. Isn’t it partiality when they beat the dating couples & at the same time keep mum when some one else sells ayurvedic medicines adulterated with human bones? Raping somebody so harshly & insulting him on moral grounds cannot be justified.  These wardens have a much to talk about the length of Sania’s skirt but not on the height of her game. All these guys have an electrifying anger towards Valentine’s day gift shops but turn deaf & dumb when asked about Khajuraho temples. Govt. should enter and gum up the works of these guardians. This freedom to live our own way prompted our ancestors to shed their lives for independence.

Evil Good Buttons Show Morals Or Mischief

But the moral is yet to arrive. We Indians are known for our excellent ethics. We are partying away from our true colors. We have forgotten to dance to our own tunes for a long time . Just to become dudes & babes, we are copying the west. Lets be honest with ourselves. Lets be ourselves!  We have a habit of welcoming others We should take the best from them & add to others . thats how we will be great

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Written by Ankur Mehta

An ardent observer of life’s visual rhythms & curious on the SOEs that take place in the cosmos, I jot down my mind occasionally on yet another universe of the Internet.

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