Pros and Cons of Spiritual Gurus

Do we need Spiritual Gurus


A story goes that a few blind men encountered an elephant. Each one of them described it in different ways. The one who touched his tail considered him as a rope & the other who touched his legs thought of him as a pillar & so did others expressed their view. What did each of them lacked? A proper guidance. Right?

Do we need Spiritual Gurus
Do we need Spiritual Gurus

Most of us  {not all though} are those blinds thinking of spirituality in our own ways. The need of guru arises here. In today’s tight-packed schedules, byhearting all the religious scriptures seems to be a colossal target. With the time available as flash-in-the-pan, a precis of epics from a guru eclipses other methods of gaining pious wealths. Thus the need of guru in today’s world is inevitable.


Another story is that a sage was about to leave a town when he saw a man smashing an idol of Shri Krishn. Inquiring him why is he doing it, the man said,” I use to sleep after Him{the idol} but today this naught isn’t sleeping. To him the sage said ,’God never sleeps, rapping him (the idol here) may lead u to hell, all your punya will loose significance,…….(& so forth).

After a few minutes of journey in the boat the sage saw that person running towards ON the surface of water (its walking over the water!). On reaching the man said,” Krishn {his idol} has send me to know what God do in the night. Witnessing the great miracles {of idol speaking & man walking ON water}, the sage fell in the feet of the man.

What’s the need of preachers who themselves have not attained trance with the almighty? Spirituality is all about the stupendous faith in the Infinite.

Being a preacher is a proven business with profits always on the bull run. In the name of guidance, few of today’s saints are just supplying misconceptions or hypothetical knowledge. A saint is expected to be away from WWW- wealth, women & worldly affairs. Grading them on this scale leaves modern gurus miss the bus of respect. Many organizations have faced charges of sexual assaults & other ‘behind the curtain’ activities. Switching to such gurus is the same as blind led by blind- or may be worse.

The LAST WORD::::::::::

Its the parents who are a persons greatest guides & philosophers. Gurus are significant but many of them are crooks today. Gurus are a great source of knowledge and inspiration but we need to find the right ones. Also in today’s IT era, any exalted disclosure is a click away. Lets proceed in our own way & leave the outcome to the Lord himself.

Jai Shri Krishn

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