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Dashavatars – Hidden Messages for Man Kind


1.Matsya Avatar – ( Incarnation as Fish)

During the recreation process when the complete world is submerged under water , Lord Vishnu comes in form of a huge Fish and save few beings in a huge ship so that they can become sources for creation afresh again.

Hidden Message: When we are at our best  in our nature and be helpful and best in our all qualities, and have a humanity in you , it might be any kind of problem in life , might be a life threatening situation, You would be safe and God would help you in any form.

2.Kurma Avatar . ( Incarnation as Tortoise.)

Asur and Devatha  for the first time in the complete History of the Indian history worked together for getting the Amruth – Holy nector – which gives free from death.

During the Churning for nector –  Lord Vishnu  in form for Kurma avatar bears the complete weight and force and helps in getting the nector and from then on wards that form is worshiped as god.

Hidden Message: When ever we do something heart fully for the other well being Definitely that help would be remembered till the world exist. and you would be god for them.

In Short

The day when you become helping hand without and selfishness for others you are equal to god.

3.Mohini Avatar ( Incarnation as most beautiful  women of the world)

After Kurma Avatar there would be dispute between Devas and Asuras  that who should  get the amruth( holy nector.) then  Lord Vishnu takes incarnation as beautiful women and gives a confidence that  nector would be distributed equally to all.

When Nector is started distribution of nector from Devas, one of Asur join their crew to thinking that nector might not be available till turn.

One of Devas points that he is not part of their crew ,This Act of Asuras was due to non coperation, non believing, greedy and also cheating of lord vishnu in form of mohini and Devas, due to which his head was chopped off , but he was alive as 2 different parts, and they are now called Rahu and Kethu, and due to his single mistake whole Asurs did not get any nector as punishment.

Hidden Message: Though we work hard, though we work equal to others, though we are good talented and got what we need by doing cheating , it would be of no use, because cheating others will not only make your character bad and your future dark , but even people who are related to you and surrounded by you will be affected.

In short, Acts done being greedy, cheating and proud, doubtful for selfishness will show ill effect, and mistake by one member will screw up everyone’s future in the team.

4.Varaha Avatar( Incarnation as Boar/Pig)

When a Demon Hiranyakhsha was threatening the Earth and hide the earth  Lord vishnu inform of Boar finds out the Earth ( globe) hidden in some Ocean which was too messy and unbearable to earth.

Finds Earth and lifts on his tusks to save earth and kills that Demon in same form.

Hidden Message : When Someone threats the human existence and ignores environment and harms earth, nature would definitely get an  help from any creature  ( like pig which eats human waste.) and protects the nature.but people who harm nature would get the right punishment for their ill treatment of environment.

In short , Save environment, save nature, or else nature would show its anger to safe self and it means you are inviting your own destruction.

5.Narsimha Avatar (Incarnation as Man -Lion)

When the brother of Hiranyaksh , Hiranyakashyap comes to know about death of his brother by a boar, gets a boon that he should not death by any creatures created by god, neither in morning nor night , not on earth and not in sky .

Then Prahalad  very own son of the Hiranyakashyap comes into scene as a great devotee of  Lord.

Then when one day hiranyakashyap was furious with Prahalad devotion Asks him to show where he is , so that he can kill him. Then prahalad answers ” he is everywhere , where should i show him” and Hirankashyap asks then show me in pillar, Prahalad says ” so be it you will find him in the pillar”.

from the Pillar comes the most furious creature in form of man with lion head, kills him at sun set time, by placing him on his laps and by tearing his skin with his nails he is dead.

Hidden Message :  1.Never feel superior to anyone and hurt someones beliefs , their belief might be so strong that it exists in real and be a reason for your death because you insulted his belief.

2. Believing in something strong can make anything possible in this world, believe in yourself and your goal, if  your dedication is true definitely you would succeed in getting a form to your belief and prove world.

3. When we put conditions it means that we are describing how you dont want something to be but, doesnt stop what one doen t want to happen.

In short : Believe in what you feel is right , never feel proud, never fear of death live life like you are immortal even after death.

6.Parashu Rama / Bhargava Rama(Incarnation as normal Sage son)

When King Kartavirya being a great follower of Dattatreya started showing his proud ,cruelty and started feeling superior taught that he could get the Kamadenu ( A cow which gives anything one wish for) for money . He  measured that cow and its greatness with money with intention of having it in his kingdom so that it fulfil his desires and his citizens desires.  kills Sage Jamadhagni and  gets the calf and cow.

Then comes Sage Jamadhagni son – Parashu ram, kills the King karthvirya and his sons who where responsible for his fathers death.

Hidden Message : Power, money and position doesnt mean you are qualified to be great and get anything what you want. few things needs hard work, devotion, dedication  ,qualification and most important – a good character.

In short : Being rich and famous doesnt make you great and famous , having good character and good intention gives you real fame.

 7.Vaman Avatar(Incarnation as Dwarf)

King Bali was a great man he was great  human with devotion and everything nice, but at times he used to have revenge feeling on devas due to many cheating and bad things they have done to him. with the fear of him that he might ask for throne of Devas,Devas and everyone with fear of threat from King Bali .

Then one fine Day when King has done prayers and offerings to god was donating everyone what ever they want. Then a Dwarf comes into scene and requests him 3 steps of land, then Bali says ” yes will do it” then Dwarf grow huge and covers everything in the Universe, so everything was donated to that dwarf , and King bali is not more king and threat to Devas, but due to his humbleness king bali was offered to Rule Pathal lok.

Hidden Message : Having a Rivalry with wicked can ruine your future.

Being good and too generous can be mis-utilized by people who feel you as threat.

Showing your anger and having a revenge feeling might hide all your good qualities and expose your anger and revenge to the world.

In short – Being good can be exploited and your good qualities can be ignored due to your anger rivalry.

8.Rama Avatar( Incarnation as Human )

Its a big story of complete life span of lord Ram as human, and how he killed Demon Raavan and his brother KumbaKaran who kidnapped his wife Sita.

Raavan was great king yet had lust towards ladies and with wrong words of Surpanaka he Abducted Sita  by cheating Ram with help of Marich ( demon in form of golden Deer).

Hidden Message:Well complete life of Ram and all characters in Ramayan gives message to humans, Would like to tell in short. 

Human can  do anything for loved ones, and being educated with much knowledge and Raavan laid way to his destruction by being proud of being Lord Shiva devotee and started doing things bad. but even one evil intention and one wrong step could lead to your destruction

In Short : A wise man and strong man from heart can reach his destination and will successfully cross all hurdles. Where destination might be love one , or thing.

No hurdles and evil trials can stop him reaching his  destiny. when tried with true love on it.

9.Krishna Avatar ( Incarnation as human with many powers)

Well Similar to Ramayan there are many things to learn from Krishna , from birth of krishna, killing of bad  Kansa, and killing of Shishupala and Danthavatsala. and how he married 8 women and how he resuced 16000 women, how did he help Pandavas who are cornered, how he taught lesson to wicked who wants to harm their own people.everything is a lesson .would like to tell you message in short  , I cannot give all messages in Bhagavathgita which was  huge dictionary for mankind to know  how live but would tell what we can learn from Lord Krishna

Hidden Message : Be Lovable and be naughty that others are forces to love you and never humilate anyone.But  never forget your duties towards your dear ones who believe in you. your weapon would be your knowledge and intelligence on how you deal things, never hurt anyone directly but  never leave hands of people who  trusted you , never say no to wicked also if one asks for help but make sure you do justice to everyone and help in victory of truth.

In short : Be naughty, Lovable , responsible , do justice by standing at side of truth and good.

10.Kalki Avatar ( Incarnation yet to be taken )

Kalki Avatar is believed to be a future incarnation which would be taken by lord vishnu when bad rules over good and selfishness rules over social service, when  jealous takes over humbleness,when wickedness rules over kindness, and when there no more justice, security, goodness, kindness and no good can survive, Kalki comes to rescue of good from bad and evil.

Hidden Message: Kalki is hope for tomorrow, that  good wins over bad in the end, never loose that hope , because if you loose hope we cannot be nice, good and can never become a strength to get over the evil and bad qualities of life. when we loose hope we cannot believe in truth and cannot understand good , when there is no hope there is no life, to get rid of negative hope is the positive power.

In short : Never Loose hope, hope is strength for a good beginning  hope is the life for good.


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