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Inherit Values Not Only Success in Today’s Youth


Inherit Values Not Only Success in Today’s Youth

Values play a significant role in our land ‘Mother India’ which is also known as ‘Punyabhoomi’ (the land where a person who does well is born.) India is also known as a land of great culture and tourists from all over the world appreciate our great way of thinking, living, and traditions.

But, the goal for today’s youth is not at all progressive; they are blindly following westernized culture. Even success is been wrongly interpreted by means such as money, designation, big house etc. All these materialistic considerations become priorities and humanity has got side-lined. Wrongdoing, immorality, and corruption have invariably creep in.


Our young generation is combination of both – good qualities and some deficiencies. Hence, emphasis should be to make our children good human beings rather than ‘big and successful.’

Nowadays schools also focus not only on education and basic fundamentals of life but also on principles of life. The entire education system has refined syllabus. The goal is not only to gain knowledge but to develop a child into a valued citizen.

Parents should give ‘vital’ importance to value education. Focus on being a good human should be considered more important rather than being successful.  The goal should be to teach our children to become good human beings?

Students should be encouraged to take part in activities like Yoga, Meditation, Gymnastics, Arts and Crafts, Music, etc. This will turn our today’s youth from impatient to controlled and disciplined youth. It will also help them to cope up the pressure and have a calm mind and sound sleep.


Values as said not only help an individual to improve his/her personality and behavior but it can shape a character of an individual. We should think of the words, the values that are important and essential to living by and can be passed along to our children.


  1. Appreciation and acknowledging others.
  2. Co-operation and caring for others.
  3. Courtesy and Loyalty with others.
  4. Dedication and Devotion in your tasks.
  5. Friendship and Forgiveness to keep moving in life.
  6. Gratitude and Honesty to live authentically.
  7. Hope and Integrity to act and respond.
  8. Love and Optimism for your presence of life.
  9. Patience and Respect to improvise your productivity.
  10. Sacrifice and Tolerance to make an appropriate choice.



We need to put together all the elements projected for our youth. This would further nurture our young ones into a noble citizen.


A right vision will only provide us to take our younger one’s life to wherever we want them to reach. Therefore, before trying to make our children ‘big and successful’ we should strive to make them ‘good human beings.’


I am sure; such an endeavor will uphold the status of our land as ‘Punyabhoomi’.


What do you think?

Written by Pritam Khatri

A competent and experienced individual with background in International Trade. "Love to explore writing skills for advancement and better awareness of society..."

I believe writing is best form to exhibit your love, aggression, fear, worry, hate, enthusiasm and happiness.


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