Indians need Freedom from Parliament Logjam

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This is bad – a deadlock condition to run a nation. A nation which is world’s largest democracy, and proudly says so. Tit for tat approach by the opposition is a misconception which is embed in the minds of people.

We are facing a serious problem of parliament logjam which is making people even question the democracy. India and Indians need freedom from the parliament logjam. We wasted an entire monsoon session because our opposition did not allowed to run it.

Watch the Sushma Swaraj speech in parliament. The same is shared by Modi on twitter.


I am more concerned not about the speech delivered by Sushma Swaraj in parliament but the way Opposition “trolled” her while she was speaking. One of the key ministers who did it was Sushmita Dev. While I was listening to the speech what I found was an annoying noise from this lady who made it difficult to hear what Sushma Swaraj wanted to say.

The Opposition should behave responsible but India’s opposition, acted most irresponsibly in the just concluded Monsoon session of Parliament, without allowing any legislation to be presented and passed. The GST which is most important for the country’s financial health, was held up in the process and some Congress leaders seem to be proud that they did such a big obstruction with 44 MPs as against the rest! They are answerable to the people for this big erroneous irresponsible action.

I am ashamed that we have elected such leaders. Although, it is not just Congress that does it, BJP and others are equal bad (to an extent) in the logjams that have happened  in the parliament earlier.

When will this stop?

Will the nation be victim of political vendetta?

Will leaders think a second before putting the parliament on a logjam?

Will leaders understand that they have to go again to people for votes and not their bosses?

Why do not they be “fined” for such acts?

Why shouldn’t they work “overtime without extra pay” if they logjam?

To me it seems that disruption is an opportunity for the opposition who want the govt. to fail but they are failing themselves in turn. People in the country are not deaf and dumb. Please don’t make them fool.


It is high time politicians should understand what the people want and expect from them. Else those in parliament now will be there for the last time.


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What do you think?

Written by Anushree Singh


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