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Lyrical Lynching of “Liberal” Lineage

Lyrical Lynching of “Liberal” Lineage

The Indian political & ideological fight is getting fierce with every passing day. The polarization between politicians, spiritual leaders, journalists, actors, sportsmen and aam aadmi is loud and clear. While we see the dirty fight between various groups or ideologies for most of the time, there are a few who give zor ka jhatka, dheere se. 

One of the most interesting of these is a Twitter user, Ashish, with the handle @Infinitchy. Ashish, whose twitter bio indicates that he is a refugee in his own country, has made a YouTube channel and shares his frustration against the hypocrisy of the “Leftist” or “Liberal” brigade in a poetic form. He chooses music from an old Bollywood song, puts in his words and sings it to the tune of his guitar.  

Sitting in his home sofa, in a chilled attire, he can be seen smiling. His songs refrain from using harsh words but are definitely making a point and flaunting his disgruntlement against the leftist ideology of India.

In his recent YouTube video, Ashish Dhar is seen taunting a leader who seems to be unhappy with the recent Doklam stand between India & China. The name of the leader is kept “secret” but obvious and the video is a laughter riot for the one who understands Indian politics to the core.

And this is not the only video you will see on his channel. There are videos on some of the flag bearers of the left wing like Arvind Kejriwal, Barkha Dutt, Bhansali and even Nehru.

One of his songs “Liberal Hona hai guna” can make one chuckle for a few minutes and also tempt him to revisit it. Below is the song Liberal Hona hai Guna by Ashish Dhar

If you are the one like me who enjoys seeing the videos and snoops on Sri Sri Kejriwal, you may learn this song “Kejri kitna tu besharm haye” as an anthem 😉

When talking about the liberals how can one ignore Burkha Dutt? Listen to another gem by Ashish where he terms Burkha Dutt as Angrezi News Ki Rani. 

Below is yet another love song between Kejriwal and Modi, where he highlights how Modi is responsible for everything bad for Kejriwal.

What do you think?

Written by Ankur Mehta

An ardent observer of life’s visual rhythms & curious on the SOEs that take place in the cosmos, I jot down my mind occasionally on yet another universe of the Internet.

An Engineer by profession and nationalist by heart, I write my heart and mind on anything and everything that comes to my way. I put my ideas on politics, religion, technical, green energy, stock markets, spirituality, open source, business and anything under the God's green earth and above that too ;)

Being a Jack of all trades, I have my say on varied subjects :)

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