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Change Yourself for Visually Driven World led by Emoji

Change Yourself for Visually Driven World led by Emoji

We used to read that communication world is shrinking with the help of internet but we can see that visual images are replacing texts and world is now a visual world. We are using texting in social groups, looking for videos to learn something and using emojis to express emotions. These all are very common nowadays. In fact, these are depicting true face of communication pattern.

What are Emojis?

This name is not new for social media lovers and who was away from social media till now came to know about the name with the release of a movie.

Use of Emojis in Communication World.

Emojis are digital images used in texting on social media. These are not one or two in numbers but a long list exists. Speed by which use of emoji is taking pace, that day is not so far when pictures will replace language. We will be back to the square one and will reach to the early days of civilization. If we read the history of the origin of language we will find that human being started communication with the help of symbols and pictures.

One survey says that in the USA more than 70% people use emojis in their official communication. You can visit Unicode Standard to have a list of official and unofficial emojis.

The future generation will do more experiment with emojis and this is visible with various corporate events like the well-known brand like Chevrolet published a press release in emojis only. To increase engagement in its press release it was kept as a challenge to decode. You must have read about Tweet of Goldman Sachs which was completely written with emojis. Major brands — like Burger King, McDonald’s, Chevy, Dominos, and others — have started using emojis in the marketing of their products. Moreover, Coca-Cola created a bunch of Web addresses using emojis as domain names. CocaCola registered every single happy emoji with a “.ws” domain suffix.

Emojis fill the gap of Non Verbal Language

In face to face our non-verbal language expresses more than our words but this problem was being faced in text messages. It happens with everyone that after some point of time we start looking for correct word or sentence to express true feelings, in such situations Emojis works like life savers and enrich our conversation.

But, if we look at the other side of the coin, the present generation is not enjoying the sweetness of different shades of one emotion which can be expressed by use of different words. If we see by being neutral emojis are dumbing down conversations, for example, people are using same pictures to express emotions to friend and lover.

We agree that pictures are universal language as we don’t need to know dialects to understand feelings, but at the same time, it also comes in my mind that we are leaving our language behind. We have been given a responsibility of making our language richer. Are we doing justice with our dialects?


Its truth of present time that Emojis have become very popular as a language and people are using it as they find it as an easy way to communicate informally. We have to accept that communication world has become more visual which also allows creativity.


What do you think?

Written by Sunita Singhal

Sunita Singhal is a personality development trainer cum counselor with over 15 years of experience. She is associated with several Management Institutes. Her blog on UPSC serves up Preparation Tips for aspirants to get success. Follow her on Twitter (@SinghalSunita )


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