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14 Most Interesting Social Media Networking websites [2017]

Conventional and Unconventional social media sites

Every article posted about Social Media is either very vague or limited to only certain aspects of each network. Today’s article is going to be a bit different. I am going to specify the conventional and unconventional networking sites used by business people and the rest of the population.

Right, let’s get to it then.

First, let us see conventional social media sites and then unconventional ones


  1. Facebook

First of all, we have the oh-so-infamous social networking platform Facebook. Everyone uses it. Today even pets have their own accounts.

Facebook is the most used platform for personal, business purposes and also for social networking. With the help of this platform,  you can send and receive messages, tag people in pictures and build networks. But today, this platform is used widely to run ads too.


With the help of a business manager, you can run your ads based on your requirements i.e. page likes, brand awareness, leads, clicks to websites and so forth.


If you didn’t already know, you can also link your Instagram account to your facebook account. This will help you give access to people on FB to your Instagram account and in turn you will have more followers.


Now coming to the apps, Facebook can be downloaded on mobiles, tabs and a special messenger application is also available so instead of going through FB on your phone, you can directly talk to people via messenger.


  1. Twitter

This is a great platform used by people all over to share important things, facts or stories. Did you know? You can post gifs and images too and backlinks can be created using bitly to shorten your URL. Twitter like Facebook can also be used for business to generate leads or create awareness about your brand.


You can download the app to your phone as it makes tweeting a lot easier.


  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best B2B as well as professional networking platform used to network with great people, find jobs or create status. Linkedin is a very strict platform for business minded people and the leads you get from here are very genuine. You can use LinkedIn pulse to stay updated about what is going on all over the world regarding all topics.

Linkedin’s mobile app is highly appreciated as it makes the user experience very great and it also offers more features compared to the desktop version.

4.Google +

Google plus is a feature that’s available for all Gmail users. This helps users create a network with other by sharing useful content. A lot of leads can be generated for companies or for professional networking via G+

  1. YouTube

Who doesn’t use Youtube? We either use it to watch videos or to share useful tips and even learn complicated mathematical processes and formulas. The desktop and mobile version are both friendly and if you decide to market on this platform, you will love the results.

  1. Pinterest

Visuals are the next big thing, specially videos. Pinterest is a platform where visuals do all the talking and a small series of words are used to complement the visuals. Many brands are doing exceptionally well because of this platform.  Pinterest marketing is just as effective and I must say the app is hundred times better than the desktop version as it gives a better experience.

  1. Instagram

With over 300 million active users on this platform, Instagram has bacame a very powerful platform to set trends, build brand awareness and even generate leads. The app works well on mobiles and tabs but the desktop version doesn’t give you the feels you get when you are active on your mobile.

  1. Tumblr

Tumblr is a very famous microblogging site that allows users to share messages, articles, photos and tweets too. It’s a great social media medium plus a great way for companies to grow brand awareness.

  1. Flickr

Flickr is a famous conventional platform for sharing videos and images plus it also offers photo storage. You can use it as a platform for brand awareness and future conversions but it isn’t preferred as much by non conventional people. It’s nonetheless very useful.


  1. ReddittRedditt is a conventional networking platform that connects members to content like articles, blogs, updates and even directly links them to useful information. Many use this source for SEO and to create prominence online.

Now coming to unconventional networks


  1. RyzeRyze is an infamous non-conventional platform that helps connect people to grow their B2B network. Building careers, networks, connections, finding jobs and making sales can be done through this platform. It’s like LinkedIn; very professional.  You can also install the app to browse through it easily and to make connections in a jiffy.

Like LinkedIn, the platform offers freemium services and hence the site is amalgamation of free and paid services. Sending messages is free and advanced searches can be done via paying a little.

The name Ryze was given to the platform because it helps people rise up in terms of connections and quality networking.

The benefits of Ryze include:

  1. You can get new followers
  2. You can get in touch or get connected to more than millions of users across the globe
  3. You are bound to make quality business contacts
  4. You get freemium services like LinkedIn
  5. You also get advice, tips and resources from professional people that are relavant to your field


  1. Talkbiznow TalkBizNow, like the name suggests, is a very professional platform that provides business services for all businesses and professionals’ of every industry. The essentials of business services are simplified and are integrated to deliver such services over the Internet.

You can also promote your business and collaborate with other to help grow your business.  .

some of their business services in networking include recruiting new employees, making career moves, finding customers, creating leads, communicating with like minded people.


Other services include free web conferences, desktop services, voice conferences

Like LinkedIn you can promote your business here. You need to check out the webstore  for tips on how to create a great sales pitch for your ads and getting relevant leads. Marketplace services
3. Affluence

Affluence is a network that is private and allows users to share information, converse, share content, future advice on travel, art and even technology.

Affluence is a network that is private and allows users to share information, converse, share content, future advice on travel, art and even technology.

How does one apply for their membership?

Anyone can but the app is run through a process wherein one is either granted or denied their membership/ This process depends n the screening of the member and only accomplished members who are of a certain level can join. You can meet friends and new people with behavior or interests like yours.  Even though the sign ups are free one must have at least a threshold of 200,000 dollars or 1 million dollars.

4. Quora

Quora is a different platform altogether. Through this platform you can share knowledge, ask questions and even connect with people. You can install the mobile version of this platform as it makes it more fun to network with people all over the world.

What do you think?

Written by Jyoti Singh

Jyoti is a travel enthusiast who loves writing on different topics and loves exploring new realms. She is currently working with Freshticles as a blogger.


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