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Boring Board Meetings? 6 Things To Do?

‘What do you find the most boring thing in the corporate world?,’ ask this question to an employee and you’ll straight away get a clear cut answer-
These are the most monotonic and dull activities one can face.

It just becomes impossible to not yawn loud in front of the executives. 
But understand, it ain’t the listeners fault; it is the executive who is at fault for boring the audience.
The aforementioned ultimately leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the employee, ultimately affecting the output of the entire company. 


The problem is that a board meeting just cannot be excluded from the corporate world because it is still believed to be a very important aspect of the corporate working. 

Is there any solution then?

Well, yes!

It hardly takes a few things to overcome the constant sound of yawning within the conference or board room.

1. Stop naming it ‘MEETING’.
We must stop ‘calling it a meeting’. Because we all know the nasty image of this word, almost equal to ‘yawn’. Name it interaction or any out of the box word but not meeting

All the videos and the audios and the images are a must. All these are essentially required to replace the most boring and dull charts and paragraphs which are often presented in front of the poor employees. Is a well known fact that graphics attracts more of brain’s attention. And more attention means more advantage. 

3. INFORMAL is the key.
There is always this formal behavior mode on within the meeting room in the name of ‘board’ meeting. Whereas, if the informal mode is switched on letting every one be in their own space and comfort, the results end up being way too better. This will also make the employees increase the interactional behavior which is very much required to judge the success of the meeting.

4. Gifts and rewards and all.
Begin with the contests like ‘Who worked the best this weak’. Let the employees be known to such contests and the prize or reward they’ll get during the meetings. To keep anything big is not necessary but when one gets rewarded for hard work automatically makes him happy. This’ll make them strive for better.

5. Food a.k.a Refreshments.
What are Indians most excited about in the weddings? ‘FOOD’. Well, not just in the weddings – they get excited about food anywhere and anytime. Food is a major turn on. Keep starters or nothing but wafers whatever it is, is sufficient to make tummy happy. And if the tummy becomes happy, the employee gets happy. And if the employee gets happy he puts in more effort. And if he puts in more effort, the boss gets happy. Why not distribute so much of happiness? Well, on the other hand, it secretly makes the camaraderie with the colleagues better.

6. No more using the conference or meeting rooms. 
To keep the meeting lively, keep the surrounding lively. The dull conference room is a big no. Turn it attractive, more appealing, and more energetic by replacing the conventional chairs with something eye-catching say bean bags, place LIVE plants around and every other possible thing.

What do you think?

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