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How to Handle Interruptions at Workplace

How to Handle Interruptions at Workplace


Interruptions at workplace are common. We all might be facing it. If we are not enough in managing time; it would land in a situation of incompetence work. True, some of interruptions won’t be in our control but need to be taken care if it affects your daily to-do-list and work schedule.


Frequent interruptions at work may not only harm your motivational level, but can also cause a disturbance in your deadlines, and thought process.

Few guidelines would be helpful to handle workplace Interruptions.

Prioritize – Try to prioritize your tasks and complete the important and urgent ones. These can be done in the morning hours where the chances of interruptions are quite less.

Make a plot –Write your sheet a day earlier and try to complete in the morning hours. This would help to finish your assigned work accordingly and possibly may add a buffer time to your slot. Further, this can be accommodated for unscheduled meetings, etc.

Keep a check on email and phone calls –Keep a fixed time to check and answer emails, after a period of certain intervals. Try to avoid unknown calls. Should keep a check on your personal calls and respond them during breaks, etc.

I am in the mid of something –You can place this sentence if you are working on something important and urgent. Further, you could also add ‘I shall get back to you’ and then go and attend whenever you have free time.

Learn to say ‘NO’ –You need to learn to say ‘NO’ sometimes. You have something urgent on your desk which has to be delivered in an hour’s time; you have to choose a gentle way to say ‘NO’ to postpone a bit.

Re-scheduling –Lastly, there is no harm in rescheduling few tasks for the next day, if interruptions are managed on your side in a well-organized way.

Hope, above ones, would be helpful to keep your momentum at workplace stirring.


– Pritam Khatri

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