Ahmedabad: The best city to live in

Ahmedabad: The best city to live in

The air of Ahmedabad will make you feel like a home away from home. This capital city of Gujarat has the reminiscence of Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings and serene water of the Sabarmati River. The IIM city brings out thousands of degree holders every year. The journey of being a growing city was not easy. Ahmedabad is the city full of life. There are unending reasons to love this city, thus here we come with some reasons why you will fall in love with this city.

  • Try the delicious food

The spicy taste of dhoklas will make your eyes turn with satisfaction. The Fafra’s and Khakra’s are the best options for Gujarati’s in the breakfast. But, don’t think Ahmedabad has only these food delicacies to serve on your plate. The city is famous for its multiple cuisines. You can taste the tangy taste of Mexican food, the fiery spice of Thai cuisine and much more. But obviously, above all this, you cannot miss the authentic Gujarati cuisine staying in Gujarat.

  • Take a walk along the Sabarmati Riverfront

Tired of the suffocating atmosphere of the room? No worries, because walking along the Sabarmati Riverfront will give you a relaxed feeling. The cool breeze will take away all your stress and it won’t cost you a penny. Great! Isn’t it?

  • Carefree explore the city

Girls! Ahmedabad is the city which will let you explore its every nook and corner without any fear. The alcohol-free city creates a safe and secure atmosphere for the locals and tourists too. Undoubtedly you can take a midnight walk in the streets enjoying the cool breeze and ice-cream too.

  • 24*7 Electricity supply

The city is always lit with lights and it never goes out. Power cuts are rarely heard in the houses of Ahmedabad. Even if it happens, the lights will come back within a flick of the second.

  • Make some *Gujju* friends

Gujarati’s will treat you just like their own family member. As you will stay in Ahmedabad, the people will welcome you with a warm smile and make you comfortable in the foreign surrounding.

  • Experience the vibrant festive colours

The air of Gujarat brims with the bliss of festivities around the whole year. Beginning with the dramatic sound of Dhol during the Navratri season, the colourful kites takes the sky in their embrace. The city is not only known for its Gujarati festivals but the other festivals of the country are also a treat to the eyes.

Now as the city is an open book to you, are you planning to visit and fall in love with this lively city?


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