10 Reasons why Bangalore is attracting the young minds

10 Reasons why Bangalore is attracting the young minds 

Bangalore has emerged to be a city with immense opportunities for the young minds. The youngsters are hovering around the city seeking the best job options. Apart from being the industrial hub, this city has a plenty of things to offer the youngsters. If you’re still not sure about going to Bangalore, take a look at these 10 reasons why Bangalore is emerging to be a sought after place among the youngsters.

  • Pleasant climate

Bangalore has a very soothing climate which is constant round the year. The Utopian climate of the city gives pleasant getaway plans for the youngsters. The calm and refreshing weather makes it the best city for the youngsters to live.


  • Party all night

Delhi and Mumbai are too hyped for their nightlife, but even Bangalore city is not far behind in the race. Well, the city has the largest numbers of the pub across Asia. Isn’t that enough to prove how much party freaks are in the city?

  • Taste the best Dosa

Obviously, the heavenly taste of the Dosa cannot be found somewhere else in the country. And if you don’t believe you need to see the young crowd at the MTR and Vidyarthi Bhawan.

  • Artsy Streets

As you walk down the streets of Bangalore, it will give you a feeling of an art gallery. The walls of the city are adorned with graffiti made by the artistic young souls.

  • Women are safe

Girls! This city is the place for you to walk carefree. Bangalore has a very low crime rate which makes the streets safe for the locals and tourists, especially the ladies. The girls don’t have to worry about the snardy comments of eve teasers in the dark streets.

  • Growing IT sector

The young minds of the country are welcomed with open hands in this IT city. The very own Silicon Valley of the country is a hub for the future IT professionals.

  • Era of theatre

The culture of the state is nurtured since a long time on the stage of Ranga Shankara. The live theatre has seen over 2,700 performances so far. Staying in the city you cannot miss the live performances by the renowned artists.

  • Smell the brew

The strong smell of a cup of coffee brings a joy to a gloomy day. The city makes sure that you don’t miss out the taste of the brew. A CCD outlet can be seen at every corner of the street. But nothing can beat the strong aroma of the hot Kaapi or filtered coffee which is served at a price of just Rs.8

  • Breath in the fresh air

The garden city will keep you close to nature no matter where you will go. Bangalore is a shelter to the some of the biggest biodiversity parks. If you’re an admirer of nature’s beauty this city will surely give you the chance.

  • Groove with the tunes

The city is a paradise for the music lovers as it experiences the biggest music events in the country. The rock culture of Bangalore is just mesmerising. Every major concert takes place in the city for the enthusiastic young crowd.  

The list is endless and the city has the more in its box to offer its visitors. Make up your mind for the best experience of your life staying in the city.

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