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6 Amazing facts About Patna

6 Amazing facts About Patna


Patna, the capital of Bihar, is the second largest city in East India. There’s not much we know about it except for the fact that it is the 19th largest city in the nation and that it houses an estimate of 1.68+ million people.

Here are 6 Amazing facts about Patna that I’d like to share with you

  1. In the primordial times, over 2000 years ago, Patna, the capital of Bihar housed an array of great scholars. Even today, most IAS officers, government employees and engineers are from this part of the nation. To name a few, Aryabhatta the founder of zero, Chanakya, Panini, Vatsyayana and Kalidasa a great poet and writer are all legendary names from here.
  2. Patna is in addition one of the oldest ad infinitum colonized places on planet earth. According to reports and studies, Patna was referred an estimate of 2500 years ago in Buddhist sculptures.
  3. Patna also played a chief role in the independence struggle of India. Most noteworthy are the Champaran movement against the Indigo plantation and the Quit India Movement of 1942.
  4. If you don’t already know, Ganga, Punpun, Gandak and Sone are 4 rivers that flow in Patna. It is believed and said that the word Patna stems from the Sanskrit word pattan which translates to port. Since it served as a port to these four rivers, the name was stemmed from here.
  5. Shri Guru Gobind Singh, the renowned 10th Guru of Sikhs’ birthplace was Patna. He spent his childhood here.
  6. The famous Gautam Buddha reportedly passed through Patna during the last year of his life.  


Isn’t Patna an amazing city? Apart from the culture and food, there is a lot more that stems and lies behind the story of this city. If you want to get into more details of this city, it is advised you read historical books about Patna and explore realms you didn’t have a clue about.



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