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Dear Orkut Lovers, Meet Hello

Remember writing a Scrapbook for your friend on Orkut? I am sure it has given you the nostalgia. Much before Facebook was The social Network for Indians(and the world in general), people in the Indian subcontinent were crazy about another social network – Orkut.

For those who started using Intenet actively in the 2000s, Orkut was the best thing that has happened in communication history. The social networking that featured

Good news for the social media users. Hello Network, from the creator of Orkut, is live in India. And people are too excited to join the league. As per the newsletter by Hello Network, Hello India is still in Beta but that is not stopping people from trying the social network given by the “nostalgic Orkut” founder.

Hello is a different social network which is feature rich. Here instead of groups, there are communities. You can create up to 2 communities a day.

As a user, you need to have up to 5 personas, which are based on your interests. Some of the personas in Hello Network include spiritual, history buff, comic lover, actor, Architect, Engineer etc. There is a default base persona, which as per the app is “already inside all of us”.

One of the things that may be disappointing for the fans of Hello network is the commerce in it. There are provisions to buy coins which will give more privilege to the users. At a later stage, coins may be used to create communities.

In addition to this, there is a provision of Levels. Finishing things on particular manner may increase your user level. There is a level map that you can see on the app. This will show you how to go to the next level plus some other useful information.

One of the new features of this network is the Karma. Karma is a measure of a Hello Network user’s interations and contributions. When a Hello user does something like this, s/he add it to the karma. Your good karmas can take you to next level.

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