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For years competitors have been trying to come up with an application that will succeed social mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. No one has managed to bring out an application that was different from these standard platforms because they would  Either make similar apps or a complete copy of these existing ones.

However, the mastermind behind Orkut and a team of engineers came up with a simple and creative solution- Hello Network. Hello Network offers a stage for users all over the world to connect with people with similar interests and you can also connect with users in nearby locations. It is a platform that has features from Instagram, Facebook, Tinder and Twitter. In short, it is an amalgamation of all these platforms.

Not only can you upload images, but you can also add a caption, tag people and communities, you can share and connect with users who have similar interests like you do. Instead of going through a series of unwanted content, you are only shown content from categories you share your interests in.

Additional features are also a part of this creation. You can earn points, achievements, personas and even karma points. For each activity you carry out, you get a certain number of points and this helps you move on top of the ‘recommended’ list. It is like SEO but only apt for Hello Network.

Like Facebook you can make new friends, connect with old ones and join communities. If you are a traveler, you can join a travel community for travelers and you can also join or browse for new ones.

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Hello’s newsfeed is like Instagram- easy browsing and easy engagement is achievable. You can even send other users’ messages. All your tabs are present on top of the network and it even lets you know who engaged with your post(s).

Though Hello network is a great platform, the only two drawbacks are that you cannot upload videos or create a carousel of images. Since video is the new way of bringing life to ‘content’, I feel it should have the feature but overall, the application is easy to use and it’s a lot of fun. You also go up a level after liking, commenting or joining communities.

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