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All You Need To Know About Hello {Social Network} Community


In May 2016, Mr. Orkut and a group of Google engineers decided to change the way we use social media. Instead of merely pleasing our ego with thousands of friends and followers, they decided to create an application that helps users with similar interests to get in touch- ergo the birth of Hello network.

Unlike the social media platforms we use on a daily basis, Hello is available only on mobile devices. It isn’t just a networking site but it is a game changing interface that allows you to earn points, coins and achievements.


Why did Mr. Orkut come up with Hello Network and who is funding it?


Mr. Orkut studied social media for over a decade and he himself being the mastermind behind Orkut, realised that something needs to change about the way we connect with people and whom we connect with. Today connecting is done with random people and it isn’t any fun. The procedures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are monotonous, so he decided to add levels to his application. His motto can be described as connecting with the right people in a more enjoyable way.

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The more you post (or jot), comment, like and message, the more points you get. Each point and coin earned help you up your visibility. You can also make in-app purchases of coins if you’re in a hurry to make it on top of the visibility chart but many users are doing a good job organically.

Before I praise the application, it is important for me to declare the app is still in its alpha phase meaning that a lot of improvements still need to be implemented. For instance, uploading videos may still be added but basic uploading of photos on your feed and in communities can be done. Don’t worry, you are also provided with the filter option.
As far as the investment query goes, Google is the main investor of this app and future investors may include big shots.

In the case of any queries, you can check out the user guide or contact their consumer helpline.


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