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Doctors are turning to crowd funding to treat needy patients

Doctors are turning to crowd funding to treat needy patients

When we read about doctors, it is pretty clear they spend most of their day at the hospital trying to save lives. Though most doctors only treat patients who can afford the services, there are many good doctors out there who rely on crowd funding to help the needy.

Why crowd funding? Many people from rural and even urban areas cannot afford surgeries or treatments because their household income goes out in paying for basic necessities. Thanks to crowdfunding, many leading businesses and people donate money to fill the gap between doctors and those who cannot afford to pay for treatment(s).
Thanks to social media campaigns and outdoor media campaigns, more than 2500,000 Rupees have been raised and this step can help save lives of up to 70% of underprivileged citizens. Many lives are being saved because early detection can help them combat the illness and many children too are looked after, ensuring they meet their potential health level.

Thanks to the doctors who pledged to stay true to their oath, our nation is seeing an improvement in the once dented area of availability of treatment and checkups.

Another added benefit of this initiative is that the government is micro financing such activities meaning if a crowd fund of 4 lakhs has been raised but you need 8, the government will pay the remaining amount. A lot of patients especially in remote villages in Karnataka are pleased with the initiative and are thankful to CMI hospital, Praveen Agarwal Foundation and to all those who donated funds.

The pediatric foundation and geriatric care foundation also turn to Facebook to raise funds for children. They have been successfully collecting money for children since 2013. Children with deformities, burn victims and premature babies are taken proper care of without any bias or neglect.

Many doctors, especially doctors without borders are also turning to the same initiative to help children in the third world and war torn countries like Syria. A good deed will never go unnoticed and thank God for helping hands or else the world would have never seen any progress in the field of medicine and unbiased help.

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Written by Jyoti Singh

Jyoti is a travel enthusiast who loves writing on different topics and loves exploring new realms. She is currently working with Freshticles as a blogger.


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