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 Is Hello, A Facebook killer?



When Mark Zuckerberg and his ‘friends’ came up with the Idea of Facebook, they didn’t know how successful it would be. Though their agenda was to connect people from all over the world to unify them as friends, the platform also served as a stage for romance and connecting with family member you haven’t seen in a while. But somehow there is something still missing. The platform does not stand out as it is very basic and somewhat unnecessary.

Till date no other web application has been able to compete with the brand even though hundreds of brilliant minds have come up with great ideas. Fortunately for Zuckerberg, no one managed to level with FB till Hello Network showed up. The app launched last year on first May. Though it is only accessible via mobile phones, a web application may soon be in the making once it picks up its pace in the market.

Orkut’s pioneer- Buyukkokten, along with former Google engineers have merged their brains to produce Hello Network, a social platform that helps users from all across the globe to interact with each other based on their common interests. Finding friends, life partners or even helpers is easier now.

Why Hello Network? Buyukkokten and his team saw how social media has been progressing over the last decade and thought of bringing people together with similar interests so that it is easier for them to interact and share their experiences. Is it like Facebook? Nope, apparently, it is something better!

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Does Facebook need to keep its guard up? My safest bet would be yes because this application is available on iOS and Android and it will offer a better platform to connect with the right people and share valuable information, content and feelings.

Hello has qualified as a safe network and stems as an amalgamation of Facebook and Instagram. I would tell Mark to be wary because this application seems to be built on a strong foundation and idea. To check out the app, either go to your App store and download it or you can go to the website and download it from there. Don’t be skeptical about using it, there’s always something interesting about a new product. Happy Networking to you!


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