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What is the secret behind long life in Japan?

What is the secret behind long life in Japan?

For years, the Japanese have been worshiped and applauded for their lifestyle and technology but today, the country is looked up to because of the lifespan. People over the world are eager to know the secret behind the long life span and let me tell you, it’s as simple as it can be. According to World Health Organization, the average age of a Japanese person is 83 wherein the average age of women is expected to exceed that of the men. An average Japanese woman lives up to 86 years whilst a man only up to 80.

Now decoding the secret; it’s pretty simple. Your diet, exercise, cultural factors, policies and genes play vital roles in determining the average life cycle of a person.

The citizens of Japan eat a light and healthy diet encompassing of rice, vegetables, fish and mostly boiled meat but the main staples of protein being different sorts of fish. Their cuisine is pretty low in calories and the risk of them falling victim to cardiovascular diseases is also rare.

If you too want to expand your lifeline, you should exercise at least for 40 minutes a day, eat light food packed with vitamins, minerals and good bacteria and avoid smoking, drinking or consuming drugs.

Apart from that, what many don’t know is that Japan makes it mandatory for parents to get their kids vaccinated. A lot of attention and effort are being put into educating parents and children about the benefits of vaccination. The elderly are also encouraged not to sit at home and let their health deteriorate, instead they are asked to go out, meet up with friends at parks, and help kids cross roads, direct traffic at parking lots and so on. But let us not forget that their genes are better than most other genes in the world.
However, it is sad to see the younger generation depleting since not many individuals or couples want to have children. The cost of living is too high and most incomes cannot support families, so even though Japan stands tall in longevity, it may not be the case in the future.

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Written by Jyoti Singh

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