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7 Problems Every Indian Student Faces in School Life

Those of you who are teenagers will know that there are certain problems we all face. Be it getting up, understanding mathematics or dealing with relationship issues.
I’ll be addressing some issues along with suitable solutions to make things easier for you.

1. Managing time for homework can get really tough when you are in school. All you want to do when you get back from school is relax, sleep and unwind.

I know it can be really frustrating doing your homework when you’re tired but try finishing it at school itself. That way you have a teacher to assist you and when you reach home you can rest and relax as much as you want.

2. Being social can be really tough too. You meet a lot of underdeveloped minds in school who won’t accept you. This can be really threatening to an individual as he or she believes s/he isn’t good enough thus spends most of his or her school time in isolation.

3. Homesickness is experienced by those who live in hostels. It’s hard spending time away from yor parents or siblings when you are so attached to them and used to a different lifestyle. In order to curb this, you should cal your family every week and ensure they’re doing well. Listen to their voices and if possible go home every weekend so that you have something to look forward to. If you have friends in your hostel, talk to them. Get your mind off of things that sadden you.

4. Many students don’t explore their strengths which will come back to haunt them in the future School time is all about bringing out your strengths and shaping your weaknesses to strong pillars. Many students overlook this factor because they don’t understand what the real world is all about. The sooner you develop skills, the better they will be in the future.

5. Being in your first relationship can be quite scary. Many people usually go into their first relationship in school. The feeling can be scary and can affect your studies. Be sure you keep things on the down low and divide your time with your ‘crush’ and studies.


6. One major problem almost every student faces in school is being influenced by the wrong people. There is a saying that you turn into people you surround yourself with and because you are young and like to be associated with the ‘it’ crowd, you mislead yourself and might get yourself into trouble.

7. Getting up in the morning for school is another headache. Even a college student or a working professional faces the same problem but try to get as much sleep as you can instead of staying up late to text your friends or browse Instagram. Go to bed at 9 PM or 10 Pm and wake up an hour before your school bus picks you up.

What do you think?

Written by Jyoti Singh

Jyoti is a travel enthusiast who loves writing on different topics and loves exploring new realms. She is currently working with Freshticles as a blogger.


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