Question arose after discussion on existence of God and Demons


There was a small discussion about the existence of God and demons between me and my friends.

We Indians believe in babas more than scientists. I mean magics are more intriguing than logics to us. Very often we hear our elders saying, there exists God as well as Devil. I heard people saying they have witnessed ghosts in abandoned buildings, forests and of course cemetery!

If one can witness ghost in cemetery, why can’t one witness God in the temple?
If one can experience ghost, why can’t one experience God?
If one can capture ghosts in cameras, why can’t one capture God?..Is God too shy of camera?

Thought over it??

Man is more prone to negativity! I mean he enjoys evil more than pleasance. He allows more of evils to control him.
It is always easy to prove bad than proving good to him.


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What do you think?

Written by Rakshitha Reddy


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  1. While I am agree with you that Man is more prone to negativity and It is always easy to prove bad than proving good to him. BUT,
    I am not agree with your logic that one can see ghosts in cemetory but can not see GOD in Temples!
    If you beleive in ancient Sanatan textx VEDs and PURANs, you will find the exact answer to all your quuestions.

    Certainly I will separelty write full article about who can see GOD and who can see ghosts with his naked eyes. but summary is as follows:
    1. As per ShrimadBhagwad Puran, the characteristics of four YUGs are as
    In SATYUG, It take Thousands of Years of YOG and Tapasya to see God.
    In Treta it take Hundreds of years….
    In DWAPAR, it takes Few Years, and
    It take only few Days in Kaliyug to see GOD if One can have immense and very deep sense of devotion (BHAKTI) about GOD.
    One can see him at any temple or at his own home but the only requirement is BHKATI of that level to see HIM. There are many many eaxmple in history…TULSIDAS …MEERA…SOORDAS…RASKHAN…..RAMKRISHNA PRAMHANS….VIVEKANAND are the few name only.
    Once you devote your every action to HIM, you can see HIM anywhere and everywhere.
    But the fact is, our though process in running behind the materialistic things Even While Praying in Temples
    We do not go there to see GOD, we go there to ask somthing…we go there to say somthing….we go there to seek peace but not to see HIM.
    So Next time when you go to Temple, keep your mind blank(not even a single thought), if you could achieve it for even 5 minutes, you will see HIM.

    Now comes to your devil part:
    2. As I wrote above, not everyone can see GOD unless untill he completely devotes himself towards HIM. Samse logic applies here too.
    As per Hinduism, 84 cr. Yoni (Birth) of ATMA(SOUL) are divided in mainly 4 Categories :
    a) DEVTA ( Indra etc.)
    b) Gandharv / Yaksh ( Those who have access to both Devtas and to Humen )
    c) Manav (Human)
    d) Pret / Ghots / Demons
    Any of the above can take other’s form COMPLETELY BASED ON HIS KARM (ACTIONS). But to perform GREAT Karm, one have to take birth as HUMAN ONLY. GOD created only Humen to perform Karm…GOOD or BAD.
    Those who do Good may become again Humen….ifthey perform ONLY GREAT in thier whole life time…they may become Devta….
    Those who do bad karm may go to PRET YONI…If they have thier UNSATISFIED Needs in previous life may become GHOSTS.
    To satisfy, those needs (which they had in human life) they take help of Mentally Weak humen. That is when only certain people can see them. Not every person can see Ghots even if they spend many nights in cemetory.
    Both GOD and Ghost exist simultaniously everywhere …but it take GREAT Karm and COMPLETE DEVOTION to see GOD and Bad Karm (of this birth or any previous birth) to see or suffer the Ghosts.
    The most ussatifies souls become ghost…to satisfy their



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