Question arose after discussion on existence of God and Demons


There was a small discussion about the existence of God and demons between me and my friends.

We Indians believe in babas more than scientists. I mean magics are more intriguing than logics to us. Very often we hear our elders saying, there exists God as well as Devil. I heard people saying they have witnessed ghosts in abandoned buildings, forests and of course cemetery!

If one can witness ghost in cemetery, why can’t one witness God in the temple?
If one can experience ghost, why can’t one experience God?
If one can capture ghosts in cameras, why can’t one capture God?..Is God too shy of camera?

Thought over it??

Man is more prone to negativity! I mean he enjoys evil more than pleasance. He allows more of evils to control him.
It is always easy to prove bad than proving good to him.


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What do you think?

Written by Rakshitha Reddy




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