Insight To Asthma


According to researchers, it is believed that asthma is a health issue caused by both environmental problems and genetics. Though it is impossible for you to tame genetic problems, it isn’t impossible for you to control aspects like allergens that trigger breathing problem.

It is important that you keep your inhaler with you wherever you go. You never know when you’re subject to risk.

There are a couple of factors that cause this problem viz:

  1. Being overweight and eating unhealthy
  2. Going to regions that are dusty and don’t have trees
  3. Having nasal allergies
  4. Eye allergies
  5. Genetic inheritance
  6. Having an hyperactive airway
  7. You smoke or consume tobacco

 Insight To Asthma

Those suffering from asthma should consult with a doctor before taking an inhaler or medication.  Some studies have revealed that those who swim can combat asthma as it helps open the air passage and build immunity.

How to know if you’re suffering from asthma

If you feel/ experience any of the below symptoms then you might be suffering from asthma

  1. Continuous coughing
  2. Rapid breathing
  3. Difficulty in talking
  4. Tightening of the neck and chest muscles
  5. Blue lips and fingernails
  6. Pale or sweaty face


What to Do If you’re experiencing these symptoms?

  • Try to relax. Keep calm and reach for your inhaler or medication
  • Keep a doctor’s no. on speed dial
  • Try breathing exercises


Avoid exercising too much. Physical strain can trigger problems. Pollution and allergens are deadly weapons too so avoid deserted areas or industrial sites. Instead try exploring nature more. It would be wise to avoid adrenal gushing activities like sky diving or scuba diving because you never know when you are prone to your next attack. These attacks should not be taken lightly as these can be deadly too.



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