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New Car Launches in India – Maruti, Tata, Mahindra, Volkswagen

What an exciting year it is going to be for automobile fanatics. This year alone at least 30 new models of cars are going to be launched in the Indian market.

Pocket-friendly to high priced luxury cars are bound to hit the market and turn heads.

Maruti, Honda, Audi and BMW are among some renowned names in this industry and the new collection is more than jaw-dropping-ly awesome.
Let’s have a look at what each brand has to offer us.

1. Brand: Maruti
Car model: Baleno RS

If you love Baleno Hatchback, you ar ebound to love the hotter and newer version- Belono RS. This car is packed with a 110bhp 1 Litre Boosterjet engine (petrol). You should check out its amazing body kit and the roof.
The best part is that this car comes in an affordable budget of 8 to 9 lakhs and is set to come out this festive season. Wouldn’t this make a great start to your new year?

2. Brand: Renault
Car model: KWID 1 L AMT

Renault, the fierce French brand is all set to take the market by surprise with its new KWID model. The latest version offers an engine of 1 L and an easy R AMT of 5 speeds.
What’s better is the cost of this beauty. It comes in a range of 4.25 to 4.85 lakhs.

3. Brand: Volkswagen
Car Model: Vento

For those who love German engines, there’s a surprise awaiting you. The all new VW vento is an updated version s from the older model. The engine holds the capacity of carrying a 1.5 L engine and LED headlamps.
The car is expected to launch during this festive season and the cost of this beast is around 8 to 11 lakhs.

4. Brand: TATA
Car Model: sedan Kites

If you love the old sedan- you won’t be able to resist the newer version. Tata being a grand name in the market never fails to excite its users.
With stylish interior designs also comes a spawny and rough exterior look. The price too isn’t that bad for the compact model. You can expect the cost to be anywhere around 4 to 7 lakhs and will also come in diesel and petrol engines.

5. Brand: TATA

A country like India houses hundreds and thousands of sports car lovers and the rough roads here make a great market for such cars. Those awaiting tata’s new release are in for a treat.

Those who love a dusky body kit and a turbo powered engine will genuinely love this model that comes in a 3 cylindered petrol engine. The release date is set for the end of this year and the range of the car is around 6-7.5 lakhs.

6. Brand: Hyundai
Car Model: Nexon Compact

If you love quality, you will love Honda’s new Nexon Compact SUV. This model is similar to Zest and Tiago but offers additional features like elegant style and a wonderful interior.
The cost of this model is a bit higher as it touches a mark above the others. You can expect the price to be anywhere between 7.5 to 11 lakhs but it offers a diesel engine and beats Ford’s Eco Sport model in every way.

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