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8 Great policies by Vajpayee government

Often referred as the most revered politician India has ever had. Rather call him a statesman who has equally good relations with the opposition parties, Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee needs no introduction, but when it comes to his prime-ministership, it becomes more interesting to see how this charismatic leader paves his policies.
Let’s see 8 of his most popular policies which ushered India in to the dawn of the millennium.

1. War & peace with Paksitan- In a bid to strengthen the ties with Pakistan and dilute the bitter miseries of the Kargil war, he initiated a bus service between Delhi and Lahore, which no matter how much thrilling, drew to a close when after the terrorist attack on India.

2. The showcasing of might- Vajpayee’s reign saw the successful testing of nuclear arms in Pokhran which, however drew international wrath but subsided later on.

3. Economic policies- The govt. saw the further expansion of the economy after Narasimha Rao left the helm and the inflation was under control and economy saw an unprecedented growth.

4. Foreign Relation- Vajpayee govt. strengthened the ties with the USA and People’s republic of China, which helped in boosting trade and commerce.

5. Improving highway connectivity- The golden quadrilateral project saw the 80% completion in the NDA regime.

6. Introduction of New Telecom Policy- People may call that Mr. Rajiv Gandhi had brought telecom revolution in India, but the fact is that the country saw a growth of just 0.6% before Atal Bihari came into office, while the growth got, 3% in 1999 but as a consequence, 70% by 2012.

7. The free education revolution- His tenure saw the initiation of the Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan. Which promised free education to all children 6-14 years of age.

8. An eye for the neglected- His tenure saw the establishment of important ministries like ministry of tribal affairs, ministry of north-east.

All in all, it was a bumpy ride for his tenure as prime-minister, people still like the way this leader worked and has become a role-model for many politicians of the world.

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