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Top 7 Mobile Brands in India

India is a great market for electronics, especially for mobile phones. Not only does this market house international brands but also national ones like Micromax.

Market Data reveals that India is one such nation that has surpassed the sales of over 50 million phones last year itself and the market is ever growing.


Below are listed the top 7 Mobile Brands in India

1. Micromax has a market share of 6.3% in India. This rand has affordable yet up-to-date phones to offer that come in various sizes, colors and functionalities. People love this brand because the style, the camera and the latest OS.

2. Samsung is a best seller among the upper middle class to high class families. Their phones are quite nice with great functionalities and looks. One out of every three Indian holds ownership of a Samsung Smartphone.

3. Motorola too is quite hip with its range of smartphones. One in every 5 Indian Smartphone users owns a Motorola phone. The technology used is always modern and the cost of their phones come in ranges that cater to middle class and upper class families.

4. Karbonn has a market share of 4.3 % In India. The company manufactures smart looking and user friendly phones for mostly middle class families so that they too can get the best of both worlds.

5. HTC has 3% market share in India and offers an array of smart phones in different sizes and price ranges. Their devices are a bit cumbersome to understand but offers great features.

6. Sony is a big brand in the Indian market. What doesn’t it make? Apart from being a great hit for selling its playsations, it is also a great manufacturer or phones. Sony phones come in basic styles with up-to-date features and functionalities. Their best sellers so far have been their Xperia range and Bravia range.

7. Oppo is a newer entrant to the market but has managed to make its mark in one of the most tech savvy nation. Oppo products, though costly, provide users with feature rich devices.

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Written by Jyoti Singh

Jyoti is a travel enthusiast who loves writing on different topics and loves exploring new realms. She is currently working with Freshticles as a blogger.


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