Tab or smart phone? What should elderly use and why?

Tab or smart phone? What should elderly use and why?

Youngsters like you and I have a thing for smart phones because we can communicate with our friends or colleagues over calls, video calls or through mediums like Whatsapp messenger and Hike.

The market usually pays attention only to young users instead of the elderly, making it hard for them (the elderly) to update themselves or keep in touch with us.

Many businesses have understood that they’re doing the wrong thing by only segmenting their business towards a specific audience hence Kindle and other giants like Lenovo and Samsung have started launching tabs for all users.

A survey reveals that elderly are more fond of tabs because they can easlit handle them, increase the font size, and the management, UI and UX are smooth as well as easy to understand unlike in a phone.

Other reasons elderly like using tabs:

  1. They make great e-readers. If you want to keep up-to-date with the news, your friends’ and family’s life or even read a book- a tab is your visual Goddess.
  2. They’re portable. Elderly love portable items and with the help of a tab you can carry the mobile product with you anywhere.
  3. They can handle more content like calendar dates, notes, to-do lists, etc.
  4. They make great platforms for watching movies or listening to music.
  5. They are in some cases cheaper than smartphones.
  6. They don’t crash.
  7. The screen is 3 times larger than that of a phone, making it easier for the elderly to browse through or read through content.
  8. You don’t strain your neck as you can simply lay out the tab like a notebook or laptop.
  9. You can adjust the lighting in it to help you read in the dark or when there is too much light.

A survey among elderly reveals that they prefer using tabs over smart phones because tabs are easier to use and the screen is much bigger. A smart phone can get lost and resizing may be a problem on phones that don’t have big screens.   The elderly aren’t that tech savvy at this moment so they’ll go for something that meets their requirements.

What do you think?

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