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Best Dresser Designs For Small Bedrooms

Dressers are the new objects designers are turning to for multipurpose solutions. These not only provide an easy alternative to the giant, space consuming armoire, but they can make for intricate and attractive bedroom showstoppers. From wooden to metal, matte to mirrored, the right choice of dresser can transform your petite bedroom into a striking living space. Here, we have put together a list of the best dresser designs for small bedrooms to help you choose the right one for your home.
1. Redesign the old chest
This heavy duty furniture is found in most houses. If you have an old one from before that appears a tad too outdated for your new bedroom, revamp it to suit your present space. Apply a coat of fresh polish or scrape off the old varnish to paint it from scratch altogether! From stripes, circles and geometrical patterns to stencil work and graffiti, there is no end to the possibilities that an old solid dresser provides when it comes to awakening your creativity.
2. Vertical dresser
If your bedroom has limited floor space, go for chests that have greater vertical capacity than horizontal one. If you wish the dresser to serve as an armoire, or a place to store most of your clothes, then leave a section of the chest empty of drawers and fitted with rods to hang clothes.


3. The dresser as a dressing table
Might not sound very appealing as you read it, but you will be surprised at how effortlessly a chest of drawers can give way to a customised dressing area. Opt for a dresser with an empty middle or side section to facilitate leg space when you sit and to keep the stool tucked in when not in use. Ample drawers on either side can be customised to keep your regular wears, accessories and the like. Place a large mirror on the wall above the dresser and you’re good to show off your little vanity corner.


4. Dresser as a study table
A chest of drawers can be conveniently used as a table for your children to study at. With a middle space for the chair to move in, your child can keep all his or her study related essentials in the drawers within easy reach. A low rising dresser will better serve this purpose.


5. Dresser as a bedside table
Bedside tables are often considered luxury items that take up unnecessary space that you could otherwise use to store other things. Now you can combine storage space with luxury by placing a small dresser next to your bed. The drawers below can hold books, magazines, and any other essentials that you may require during the night.


6. Dresser as a foot locker
An interesting use of a dresser can be by using it as a foot locker turned ottoman placed at the foot of the bed. Not only will this help you provide extra seats for your guests, you can store bulky materials like blankets and extra pillows inside the chest.


7. Multiple drawers
The best way to utilize space with a dresser is to get one with a large number of drawers. Most chests come with the customary six wide drawers, three to a side which can often lead to a waste of space. For greater utility and to add depth and contour to the furniture, look for dressers that have multiple drawers of different sizes. With varying dimensions you can keep larger and bulkier items such as clothes in the bigger drawers while using the smaller ones to keep important documents, or various nitty-gritty’s.


8. The central attraction
With limited space in your bedroom, you can use a striking dresser as the focus of attention. With intricate woodwork, solid bright colours, or unique graphic work, you could use a dresser to create an interesting and artsy area in your room. Place a large painting on the top or mount the TV on the wall, and you have a nook both interesting and useful.

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Written by Manali Pal

A literature student for life, Manali Pal just completed her masters from the University of Delhi and is taking time off to expand her knowledge in Indian folklore and indigenous cultures for future research. A hopeless dreamer, she writes extensively, reads voraciously, and wishes she could spend more time on painting and learning the guitar. Her ultimate academic goal is to get an insight into the world view of the nomadic people of the world – the gypsies, tribes and travelling communities. She loves storms, rain and animals, and wants to build a home in the mountains.


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