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Are Water Purifiers Worth It?

Are Water Purifiers Worth It?

What ads depict about water purifiers is that they are great devices used to clean water and make it safe for people to consume all over the world but advertisements are mostly associated with misleading content, so does the water purifier also fall into this category? Consumers are unsure.

Fortunately, for people in developing and third world countries, such devices are quite beneficial. How, you may ask? First of all, a water purifier is like a filter that stops dirt or other foreign objects from entering the system. From there on there is a process in which ion exchange takes place and there is a system also called as carbon activation that proves to be quite beneficial when it comes to filtration.

Most purifiers reduce or eliminate harmful materials that contain chlorine, lead, mercury and even cadmium. These elements are known for causing health problems and premature ageing which is why many health experts concede household members to opt for a filter.

Let us take a look at what ion-exchange purification is. It is a process in which water becomes soft or consumable. Zeolites (beads present in the filter) help attract calcium and magnesium ions from tap water not only making the water taste better but removing these two elements to make it better for consumption.

The main process however comes in carbon activation. This process is considered the main route to that makes water safe to drink. Since this carbon or charcoal is porous, a lot of space is present that fills or attracts certain elements to it. Chlorine, insecticides and other chemicals that are harmful when consumed, are absorbed by these balls thus making the water safe for consumption.

However, people who reside in plantation or factory free zones are free to consume water from the mountains and rivers as they do not contain many chemicals that can harm them. I would prefer for you to drink fresh lake water as that’s the best water out there and people who live in Europe too don’t require a purifier per say as the water there is 30 to 40% better. But if you want to be on the safer side, your safest bet would be to opt for a water purifier.

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Written by Jyoti Singh

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