Why Every Homemaker Should Start Blogging

Why Every Homemaker Should Start Blogging

If you are a homemaker and you’re reading this, you’ve come to the right place. I know a lot of questions may be going through your head like what’s in it for me and why should I waste my time when I already have a lot to do?

Firstly, I know being a homemaker isn’t easy but I could help you make a career out of your everyday cycle. How? Read on.

There are a lot of free websites where you can blog like WordPress or Medium. Start your own page and write about things you love. If you like cooking, start a cooking blog, if you have cleaning hacks, share that.

If you want your own website, you can log in to wordpress and start from there. With time you can buy a premium website or begin with a premium website and within six months when you have enough blogs and traffic, you can start an Adsense account which will help you earn a little every month.

There are hundreds and thousands of other women or men who need your help with basic cooking or cleaning ideas and that’s how you can turn your everyday work into a paying job. Once you establish a frequency of posting on your blog and you gain the traffic and followers you need then you can act as an influencer marketer as well. What an influencer does is soft sell products from other companies who in turn pay you to make their product known.

Another great way to earn a living is through video blogging or vlogs. If you upload videos on YouTube and share them with friends or the world unknown to you, you can earn a lot. All you need to do is post valuable content that people are looking for and the more views you get, the better you’ll get paid.  Starting out may seem a little difficult but once you find your flow, you will be amazed at what you can do by simply sitting at home. It does not take a professional to succeed, everyone starts out as an amateur and how you wish to proceed is up to you.

However, before I sign off on this blog, I would like for you to add a lot of visuals to your content as that helps drive engagement and traffic.

What do you think?

Written by Jyoti Singh

Jyoti is a travel enthusiast who loves writing on different topics and loves exploring new realms. She is currently working with Freshticles as a blogger.


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