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Be a part of one of the most exciting blogging opportunities on the Internet. Be the guest blogger at Freshticles. Freshticles is aimed to club bloggers, writers, poets, scholars, techies, doctors, lawyers, financial advisers & think-tanks from almost any subject to submit their content for avid readers.

Unlike many other guest blogging platforms, we do not limit or restrict our contributors in any way. Our guests are absolutely free to select the topic of articles, they need not make 1000 word articles compulsorily(when 400 words does the magic why to stretch?), there are no target of writing so many articles every week/month and they are not “forced” to share content in social media (though we advise for it).

We normally do not intend to reject any article/author. The only thing we expect is a quality and original content. Moreover, we will reject any illegal or non ethical contents/authors. This will include any sort of Anti-India articles, as well as anti religious ones. Join us on the portal which aims to be one of the most best online destinations on the Internet.

With such a revenue model, our authors can also sense the “ownership” of the portal where they pen down. This is something we believe.

We are constantly trying to invite more and more bloggers/authors/academicians to write for us and we have faith that we will be the most loved online destination for readers 🙂 This is a one of its kind portal where we are working with revenue sharing model and looking for bloggers who write on varied topics.
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