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It’s a crowd’s thing…

It’s a crowd’s thing…
Many a crowd spellbinds you. But a few, at the same time, don’t. If a crowd gathered under canopy for a political speech disgusts you, a similar crowd gathered for a concert may not. Isn’t it a crowd’s thing?  Or maybe its a mind’s thing…What thing is it?
A crowd in festive mode is always self-triggered by the ambiance and paints the town red. This time, Holi celebration at Mathura did its best to deceive a taciturn like me.
Folks from across the world made with white garms which bore no assurance of getting washed by their owners thereafter. The pichkaris and mugs were ready to confront human faces. There was no swap for those faces which expressed extreme ardency with a delightful smile, ready to explode the celebration like a big-bang which gave rise to the universe of colors within the area of 48,000sqft.
Yes, the crowd had all those negative traits which could have exasperated anyone for that matter, but the magic lied within the colors. I took a seat at a corner of the area and began to observe the insane crowd. “How do people enjoy this man? I will never allow anyone to smear it on me. Let me evade the area soon”, murmured my mind. I could escape the first smudge and the second but I could not escape the hugger-mugger of water bathe from the top. There it all began; I was forced by the circumstances to allow myself to get accustomed to Holi thereafter.
It had nothing to do with the crowd; it only had something to do with the barrier in mind. Enjoying crowd is an art; it is enjoyable when it is accepted. It took me quite a length of time to match the level of spirits of the crowd but yes, it did match, perhaps, more than required.
Had I not been a part of this crowd forcefully, any crowd would have remained repulsive in life; I would have missed the colourful-fun which has no imaginary part.
It all lies in ‘Cerebral cortex’, an area in brain which is responsible for human thought process; keep it positive.
Keep no rust in thoughts
For they cause hindrance
To opinions and turn them worthless.
Despite the hustle-bustle, high-spirits and abundance of crowd, the feeling of hatred gradually transformed to feeling of novelty. It was a great realization that I never made an attempt to enjoy the crowd so far in life and having done so, I felt it can change anybody’s opinion about enjoying in the crowd.

What do you think?

Written by Rakshitha Reddy


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