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Summer Camp- why is it necessary for kids?

So ideally Summer Camp is the supervised program or a well-organized camp that gives your child a platform to get exposed to various recreational activities which are a mix of fun and knowledge. I really regret not having the opportunity to go to a summer camp when I was young because then this was an alien concept. How I wish!

As I see young kids going to summer camp a realization strikes me, these kids are certainly much more extrovert, confident and expressive than what I was when their age. I really appreciate all the efforts put in by both, summer camp organizers and parents, to make these kids comfortable, safe and happy during their stay.

Why is it necessary?

Let us  understand how these summer camps build a better foundation for your child’s future:

  1. Increase in self-confidence: When a child goes to the summer camp he/she has to be on own his/her own a lot.This dependence on oneself, increases the self-confidence of a child at a young age and continues to be a positive role player in the child’s personality development.
  2. Communicates easily: Among so many kids and organizers there is no way the child can get through without communicating. This exposure lets the child be able to express himself with much more ease and comfort and certainly continues to be a positive attribute of him/her in future.
  3. More adaptable: Adaptability issues are faced by a lot many of us as grown-ups, ever wondered what if we learned this quite early in life? So much better it would have been, Right?! So, a child learns this quality really easily when he/she has to adapt to new situations, new people, new life, new geographical location and much more and eventually turns out to be a fantastic human being later in life.
  4. Less Tantrums: Parents certainly get a great gift in the form of much fewer tantrums from their child, who has been a regular to summer camp because with so many kids in there, remains no scope for any tantrums. This ensures a happy child and much happier parents. Also, it makes the child a better person than the one gets used to throwing tantrums at the drop of a hat.

So, I strongly recommend all you awesome parents to look for a good summer camp and get your child enrolled so that he/she gets to spend the vacations with fun, frolic, friends(new and old) and interactive learning sessions.

Happy Summer Vacations!

What do you think?

Written by Anjali

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