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Home Food Delivery-Boon for metro cities!

If we press the rewind button in our lives and go back just a few years in life and try remembering our family outings, we will all realize how exciting it was to get dressed out and go out for dining, such a happy memory! The only thing is such memories are very very few as it was not a very good idea to go out dining every weekend or on any little occasion of happiness.Only reasons that demanded grand celebrations called for a dine out and a chance to relish that yummy food from the restaurant.

Now, let’s come to our present life, is it necessary to wait for an occasion to relish yummy food from our favorite outlet? No, Right! Food delivered at your doorstep is the most satisfying thing that has come up in the recent years and why do I say so? Well because this system of delivering food at home is a boon for all of us living in metro cities. As we do not have to be dependent on those irregular and compulsorily oily and tasteless food making maids.

An average person order for home delivery of food around 2 to 3 times a week and this could be due to various reasons ranging from lack of cooking skills to too tired from work to even look at the kitchen door leave aside cooking.

Domino’s certainly got huge credit (especially in India) for making us familiar with this culture. Now almost 60-70% restaurants(irrespective of the type of cuisine) deliver food at home because that is the demand of the hour more so it has risen due to exorbitant taxes of various kinds one is liable to pay when dining out. Also, mad traffic on roads and distance most of the times kills the excitement of going out and in such situations, home delivery is the savior.

Restaurants also have adopted this system as it certainly is cost effective for them as they do not have to spend on interiors, cutlery, staff and other such expenses of a dine-in concept. It was also a compulsion to adopt to this new system to retain old and attract new customers. This is the main reason behind the opening of so many take away and delivery joints in almost every metro city and the trend is catching up really fast in other cities too.

In the end, at a closer look, we get to know that it is a win-win situation for customers and restaurants both. Customers get their favorite food delivered in the comfort of their home and restaurants can mostly focus on the taste and quality of their food without worrying about the expenses to be incurred in setting up a grand dine in the outlet.

Happy Ordering!

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Written by Anjali

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