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Did You Just Say “I Know”?

Choice of words can make a whole lot difference. There are a few unconsciously overused words that are not suited well for certain situations and may draw flak and though sometimes used in proper situations, may not go down well with others. One such phrase is ‘I know’. Three interesting scenarios will prove my point.
Scenario 1: The corridors of a hospital are buzzing with impatient patient attendants and uniformed staff nurses and other members moving with tornado speed. In one of the rooms, a woman lay exhausted on a bed with a newborn in a rocker by her side. Her husband came to her, sat beside her and took her hand in his and stroked it gently. A sweet private moment that you yearn for with relatives from both sides hovering around every now and then. The woman closed her eyes and said meekly “I felt for a moment that I wouldn’t make it out of that labour room alive.

The pain…it was excruciating.” The husband nodded and said softly “I know”. The woman opened her eyes, stared at him scathingly which clearly said “No, you don’t.” Not that the husband is wrong in any way but he could have been more right had he said ‘I can understand’ (mind you, it works better with a ‘can’).

Scenario 2: The husband invites a friend on tea on a Sunday. The wife who shows her pleasure in having him as a guest (at least in his presence) serves them tea and delicious snacks like a perfect host. The men talk about everything from their consuming jobs to unappeasable bosses to what the Prime Minister should do next. The wife evidently has no interest in their dull conversation till her ears catch this – “Life has changed. I recently read somewhere that life has become like temple run.

How true! Sundays are not fun days any more; they are like run days. It feels good to spend time with family but sometimes I covet space and quality time for myself.” The husband takes a sip from cup and says “I know”. The wife’s reaction? “The hell you know!!” yell her silent words from across the other room where she is helping her kid complete one of the many useless assignments. “You say you crave for fun filled Sundays and here I cry my heart out for moments when I can tell day from night. You get to wake up late, eat dishes of your choice, do things at your leisure; what else do you call fun and space?” The friend’s presence clearly saved the husband.

Scenario 3: The husband calls his brother to plan out a family outing on a holiday. Since he was having dinner with his wife, he put the phone on speaker. After exchanging greetings, the husband tells his brother about the plan. The brother replies “Some other time brother. We are going to my in-laws place that day.” He further quipped “You know such holidays are meant for this duty only.” The husband chuckled and said “I know.” The wife rolled her eyes in exasperation and said “To hell with whatever you think you know. When was the last time you spent a festival holiday at your in-laws?

Infact, has there been a first yet? We are accustomed to be there with your folks for every single celebration in addition to the regular visits. And believe me, I would love to do such yielding duty on countable holidays. You should love it too. After all, you are a prince in your home and a king in mine. And I would really appreciate if you now say ‘I know’. But you know what, YOU KNOW NOTHING.”
P.S.- The above picture is true in most cases, but then there are always exceptions. A handful of men exist who go out of the way to actually understand and make everyday better for their significant other. Now you can say ‘I know’.

What do you think?

Written by Sneha Yadav


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