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How to Buy Crypto currency in India

How to Buy Crypto currency in India


There is a new fad going around nowadays in India that is the fad of buying crypto currency. What are crypto currencies? A crypto currency is money but in digital format that holds a lot of value especially now that the demand for it and the market has gone up.

The most bought digital currency is Bitcoin. It was developed by  Satoshi Nakamoto in the later stages of 2008 and many people globally caught on to the idea that it is a great investment opportunity.

Since there is not much information on how to get started with the procedure of buying such currencies, Let me break down the steps of buying such currency in India.

In case you were thinking there are endless options, you are wrong. There are only limited options on getting started.

Ethereuem can nowadays be bought on EthexIndia. It is an easy process to sign up and the currency can be bought directly. However, many people complain about the slow process of getting your account approved. Apparently, it takes up to four weeks to get a confirmation.

Their support or services are just as slow and redundant. Another quick tip I would like to give you is that all charges are included in the cryptocurrency and many end up losing more than they have spent. So do not get it converted on the spot. Wait for the market to create a huge demand with less supply then think of getting it converted.

Another way is to buy bitcoins and then convert it to Ethereum. You can buy BTCs or bitcoins from Zebpay pr Pocketbits. Once you have done that, you should head over to Changelly and Coinbase to create an account there. If you have a referral ID, you can get up to 10 USD in your wallet.


Now, if you want to transfer your coins from Pocketbits or Zebay to your coinbase account, you can do so by going to Changelly to get the BTC converted to Ethereum. The process is a lot faster than the former.

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