Why is Kapil Mishra a bigger threat to Kejriwal than Modi?

Why is Kapil Mishra a bigger threat to Kejriwal than Modi?

If you have been following the news, you will know Kejriwal now has a new rival namely Kapil Mishra.

For a couple of days now, the sacked water minister claims that Delhi’s chief minister Arvind Kejriwal is associated with the Hawala scam. For those who have no idea of what the scam stands for, it is scam wherein money is distributed without any regulations. It carries out the functions of a bank but without any traces. In other words, you can call it black money. Money was “laundered” or distributed by 4 brokers viz the Jain brothers. Such transactions are usually carried out to avoid paying transaction fees or being questioned about huge amounts of transactions.

Now, you may ask what Kapil Mishra or Kejriwal have to do with this. Apparently, Kejriwal and other AAP members are involved in this scam. Kapil Mishra claims that Kejriwal has been receiving money through illegal means and is still promoting a transparent India. Though nothing has been proved as of now, the accused of AAP may face a stain on their image. To many, it seems like the Delhi chief minister is profiting from donations he claims are white but aren’t really so. A lot of investigation is still required for a detailed verdict to take place.

Though the verdict about the allegations is still 50-50,  AAP claims it mentions all their transactions on line on their website along with the donors.  The party also ensures whether the donations that are coming in are from registered parties/enterprises or people, documents like PAN cards, Registration number, etc are taken into consideration and only cheques are accepted.  The party does not take on responsibility for companies that have all valid documents but are bogus. This is something the party cannot foresee. Therefore the Aam Aadmi Party has filed a defamation case.

Unfortunately for the Delhi party, many trolls are also surfacing on social media platforms wherein Arvind ji is compared in before and after pictures of the scam. First, he was skinny and now he’s healthy because of all the donations he is receiving. Other trolls involve him talking about doing good for the government but behind closed doors, he’s doing the opposite.

Kapil Mishra is leaving no stone unturned to fight his earlier party boss Kejriwal and recently, he made a Sonu Song, a latest crazy on social media nowadays, and showed it to the world via his Twitter account. It becomes more worthwhile to note that Kapil Mishra taunts this as his birthday gift to Kejriwal.

Featured Image: Kapil Mishra Twitter/Youtube

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