Why Virtual PBX Is the Need of the Day for Businesses

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Why Virtual PBX Is the Need of the Day for Businesses

In today’s digital era, disruptive technologies are transforming, shaping, and redefining the business landscape with various performance-optimized solutions that deliver heightened efficiency.

Gone are those days when corporates required on-premise private branch exchange (PBX) systems to operate multiple phone lines in their office environment.

As businesses increasingly turn global, the legacy PBX systems, which were once considered as a technological marvel, are falling flat, outclassed by next-generation communication platforms.

The technology-driven modern day communication systems, leveraging the power of the cloud, enable ultimate agility and scalability – the two ‘not to be missed’ features – in modern business ecosystems.

New-age cloud-based communication, Virtual PBX, unlike its predecessor, the cost-prohibitive on-premise PBX, integrates elastic characteristics to facilitate cutting-edge functionalities that drive performance, reliability, and efficiency to the next-level.

Maximize Data Security and Uptime With Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX, incorporating top-of-the-line features like biometric and physical security, encryption, system hardening, failover technology, and multi-layer redundancy, maximizes the uptime and Quality of Service (QoS) while enabling enterprise-grade security for your business data.

The highly-advanced cloud communication system eliminates security breaches and threats from natural disasters, ensuring uninterrupted business continuity even during emergencies and disruptions. Virtual PBX, in addition, continually upkeeps and upgrades the hardware, keeping your business up-to-date at all times.

Reduce Cost and Increase ROI by Upgrading to Virtual PBX

Replacing the legacy PBX hardware with cloud-optimized Virtual PBX reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) dramatically. Cloud-based PBX drastically lowers the initial CapEx as well as the operating costs of business communication systems, facilitating a cost-efficient, performance-rich architecture.

With a leading-edge cloud communication platform like Virtual PBX, you can seamlessly operate and manage the entire system online without the requirement of obscure certifications or the involvement of business-critical resources. This essentially means, there is no need to throw away large amounts of money on hiring specialized IT managers or third party vendors for on-site support of your PBX systems.

Seamlessly Connect Remote Workers Across Multiple Locations

Complete integration of mobile devices enables a connected ecosystem where employees, irrespective of which part of the world they are in, are empowered with state-of-the-art communication facilities that allow them to securely interact using mobile applications on their smartphones and tablets.

The devices, be it company-provided or a personal one, can be connected to the cloud PBX to facilitate mainstream PBX functionalities like making and receiving calls or texts using the direct numbers or extension lines. Additionally, the devices can be tweaked to deliver added functionalities like scheduling online meetings and conferencing that bridge the gap between employees and locations.

Virtual PBX sheds the junk and enables corporates to communicate in a lightweight environment. The cloud-based PBX breaks geographical boundaries and creates a seamless interface that unifies all employees no matter what their physical location is.

Since cloud communication is not tied to a stationed hardware, phone lines in the network can be easily accessed from diverse sites anywhere in the world. This invariably leads to better coordination between teams and managers that translate into increased performance levels.

Experience Freedom with Virtual PBX

The best part of Cloud PBX, however, is the simplicity it leverages in the billing system. You can choose a single service provider for all your business communications and start receiving consolidated billing for all locations, users, and features availed.

From mobile minutes to virtual receptionist, VoIP system to video conferencing and online meetings, voicemails to desktop and mobile apps, every communication footprint is covered in one low-cost monthly bill.

Virtual PBX, unlike legacy PBX of yesteryear, doesn’t require shipping and installation of the equipment, which means, the cloud-based system gets your phone numbers, lines, and extensions up and running in no time.

The fluid system, infusing ultra-impressive features, is designed to deliver high-performance communication that gives more teeth to modern businesses. It is ideal for multinational companies, small to medium-scale enterprises, startups, or as such any business that has a futuristic concept at its core.

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