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Ethical Hacking and Deadpool

Marvel’s anti-hero Deadpool released in early 2016(the
movie) was revolutionary and thought-provoking. Everyone
was used to seeing our favorite superheroes fly around and
save people with their superhuman abilities. Deadpool was
not that for sure. A guy running around in a red costume, with
all the weapons one can carry, saying all that he wants out
loud and killing people was not what we expected a superhero
to do. But we loved it, in fact, it was one of the greatest
superhero-action movies ever.

On the other hand, ethical hacking is used to detect the
vulnerabilities of a system or a group of systems. But it is not
the conventional security measure utilized. In order to prevent
information loss and find loopholes, ethical hackers are
employed by the administration itself.

Ethical Hacking & Deadpool

Now you might be wondering “What the hell does ethical
hacking has to do with Deadpool?!”. “It does”. Given below
are two similarities that ethical hackers and Deadpool have in

We know how Deadpool called himself “bad Deadpool” when
he couldn’t kill a guy, but then he immediately killed one and
corrected the name to “good Deadpool”.

Evaluating yourself for flaws and correcting them is one of the
basic principles involved in ethical hacking. Ethical hacking is
the idea that you turn the weapons of a hacker on yourself in
order to expose your exploitable weaknesses before your
adversaries can.

After all the goal is to be the better version of yourself.

2.Saving the day by kicking the villain’s butt
Theft of information might be the greatest loss one can suffer
in this era. It is a serious crime, leading to the loss of
identifying information or the shutdown of online services.
Even those who are not the direct victims of hackers can
be affected by computer hacking.
Loss of information is a serious issue. It has to be dealt
strategically. Like our boy spelled out Francis with dead
bodies, Ethical hackers save a lot information without a cape
or abilities.

Find ethical hacking interesting? To know more, keep

In order to be an ethical hacker, you might need the following
1. The ability to write programmes in programming languages
like C, C++, Perl, Python, and Ruby. For those working with web
applications, Microsoft .NET and PHP are vital.
2. Knowledge of assembly language is essential for those who
want to analyse disassembled binaries.
3. Knowledge of a variety of operating systems (Microsoft
Windows, various versions of Linux, etc) is critical.

4. Experience with various network devices, including
switches, routers and firewalls is also important. An ethical
hacker also should have a basic understanding of TCP/IP
protocols such as SMTP, ICMP and HTTP.
5. In addition to technical skills, an ethical hacker needs good
soft skills. Perhaps the most important skill, however, is
adaptability. When testing software and systems, ethical
hackers never know what will come up, so the ability to be
resourceful is vital.

According to sources an ethical hacker in India makes 5.7 lakhs
a year. A Chief of Security and Maintenance makes 12 lakhs to
80 lakhs a year with an average of 23.7 lakhs per year. A career
in ethical hacking is not only as thrilling as that of a superhero
but also well rewarded, and that might be the only instance
where I wouldn’t be able to relate Deadpool to ethical hacking.
No guys Deadpool can’t make that much money even if he had
a dollar for every joke he said!

Like Abraham Lincoln said, “whatever you are, be a good one.”
So, it doesn’t matter if you want to be a superhero or an ethical
hacker always stay true to your cause and be happy. All the

What do you think?

Written by BALAGOPAL R


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