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Comfortable and trendy in the winter? Here is how!

Comfortable and trendy in the winter? Here is how!

Getting your style quotient right this winter could not be more important – we want to keep it unique and beautiful at all times and sometimes that takes a lot of effort and research too. The catch is that most of us think of design over comfort and that can take a severe beating in the winters. You want to keep it simple and warm in the winters but you just cannot go out of style.

Most of us connect linen with the summers, but little do we know that linen does keep our body warm too. This is mainly because linen is a natural fibre and hence breathes through and most other fabrics do not. Most fabric manufacturers in India are sought out for this just because of the kind of demand that is present with these kinds of materials throughout the year.

In many countries, linen is not the preferred clothing in winters because of the harsh climates. In India though, the scenario is completely different as we hardly get to deal with weather that is as hard hitting. We deal with winters that hover about warm and humid conditions even during December down south. So, linen can easily be described as an all year round fabric for us.

Getting the best linen fabric in India has been a challenge in the past, but is now quite easily available in open market. With the coming of the digital age, you can pretty much buy anything online and it is no different for cloth fabric.

The beauty of linen is that you can mix and match it across any styling and design – effortlessly. If you want to pull it off as linen king kurtas or as a beautifully designed dress – it would fit in perfectly because of its structured design and feel. It does make out to be stylist shirts for men and many clothing manufacturers are shifting to this fabric to create designer shirts for men. If you think about it, wearing linen can be kept as a formal or a casual design too – that is the beauty of it. You can have it made as branded formal shirts or even kept to tune with casual shirts for men in India.

There are tonnes of different styles that can be picked up and made for your specific styling. You have to admit that branded linen shirts for men stand out in a very distinctive manner and gives you that sense of comfort that is very rare to find. Most of us want to wear a line of clothing that is better than what we find of the rack and that is why designing your own clothes can be such a huge advantage here. There are so many different kinds of designs that this fabric can adapt and at the end of it all – you get an attire that is unique and adored by all. These fabrics are available across many stores and used by many designers across the country. It has become quite a common fabric in use and procuring them would not be a challenge.

Another huge advantage of using linen is that it does not wear out style soon. The fabric is such that it tends to look better with time and washes. If you use it after a good 4-5 washes, it, in fact, becomes softer and better to wear – that is one of the reasons that people look to use linen over a period and get more comfortable over time. Plus, linen does not have the wear and tear that would come with most other fabrics – they are stronger and last much longer.

This apart, you can use linen to have trousers for men made too. The kinds of styling are numerous and can be made from any background of design too. If you have been looking to make a style statement this year – linen is the way to go. There are just too many ways you can create a unique look for yourself. Keeping the weather in mind, this fabric always keeps you cool no matter what the temperature is that is a huge positive. There are many ways you can look the part this winter in India, going for the best Linen fabric in India and having designer fabric online India would be the easiest way to go.

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Written by Arundhati Kher

Arundhati Kher is an experienced architecture expert and certified financial planner. She writes for several online publications, including her own blog, finance, health & fitness, online shopping, telecom and parenting. Arundhati Kher grew up in Chandigarh, India, but now resides in Delhi with her husband and one kid.


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